CHICAGO, Illinois, March 18, 2011 ( – Father Michael Pfleger of the Archdiocese of Chicago will soon be appointed to a local Catholic high school, reports say.  Fr. Pfleger has become notorious in recent years for his controversial views, including his highly public support for pro-abortion politicians, including President Barack Obama, and views on women’s ordination.


Fr. Pfleger reportedly had a meeting with Archbishop Francis George of Chicago last week during which the two discussed his possible relocation to Leo Catholic High School. 

While neither the archdiocese nor Fr. Pfleger has given any confirmation of a definite appointment, parishioners at St. Sabina Catholic Church, where Fr. Pfleger has been the pastor for some 30 years, are already expressing disappointment, reported local ABC7 News. 

Just last year, Fr. Pfleger was awarded the Racial Justice Lifetime Achievement award by the Archdiocese of Chicago. The award came as a surprise for many aware of the controversy Fr. Pflger has stirred within the archdiocese and beyond.  In the past, Fr. Pfleger has praised and supported pro-abortion President Obama as “the best thing to come across the political scene since Bobby Kennedy.” 

After drawing nationwide attention in 2008 with his comments mocking then-Democrat candidate Hilary Clinton in favor of Obama, Fr. Pfleger was asked to take a short leave from his parish, but was soon admitted back.  More recently, last April Fr. Pfleger drew attention when he publically expressed support for women’s ordination.  He later apologized for his statement and then retracted the apology.

Area residents and parishioners of Fr. Pfleger’s predominantly African-American parish say he has accomplished much good for the community and say he has had a hand in making the tough gang and drug community safer. 

“Father Pfleger has always been a beacon in this community,” said Leo High School Principal Philip Mesina. “And wherever he goes he’s going to be successful.”

Even though Principal Mesina maintained he had heard nothing official about an appointment he said the high school would be pleased to have Fr. Pfleger on staff.  “But as far as the conversation between Father Pfleger and the archdiocese, I know nothing about that. But I do know that he’s been wonderful in the community,” Mesina told ABC7 News.

Both the archdiocese and Fr. Pfleger have said the matter is private for the time being. 

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