MONTREAL, Sept 23 ( – Professor Roger Gosden of Leeds University in Britain, a highly controversial, new reproductive technology scientist, is fed up with his government’s restrictions on his bizarre research, so he is on his way to Canada. Gosden, whose research was criminalized in Britain, was working towards the use of acquiring the ova of aborted baby girls for fertility treatments. Next month, Gosden will take up his post at McGill University’s Royal Victoria Hospital in Quebec. Canada, with its absence of laws prohibiting new reproductive technologies, is an attractive base for researchers involved in the most controversial areas of this growing field. 

Professor Gosden’s research was made illegal under Britain’s Criminal Justice Act. British MP Dame Jill Knight, who was instrumental in criminalizing Gosden’s research, commented that it was “the stuff of nightmares,” and noted that children born of his intended procedures would be told that they had come “from a dead mother, a mother … that was never actually born at all.”

With files from The London Telegraph.