TORONTO, Sept 24 ( – Professor Roger Gosden of Britain’s Leeds University is scheduled to be at the annual conference of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society in Toronto tomorrow. As LifeSite reported yesterday, he will be taking a post at McGill University in Quebec this October. The conference runs from Sept 25-30 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Gosden is scheduled to give a one-day course in “The Scientific Basis of Reproductive Medicine for the 21st Century on Saturday and has said in the press that he will report the first frozen ovarian transplant in a woman at the meeting. 

Gosden, whose research was criminalized in Britain, was working towards the use of acquiring the ova of aborted baby girls for fertility treatments. Explaining his move to Canada he said, “I think it’s unfortunate that in Britain, and perhaps in Europe generally compared with North America, there’s a much more cautious attitude toward science and technology.” 

Also the National Post reports today that Gosden is coming to Canada to have his unethical research funded by taxpayers. “After a long period where Canada was quite a difficult place to get research grants to do the work, and we can’t do our work without [funding], they have actually boosted the budget … and so now it appears to be a much more generously funded area for pursuing research,” said Gosden in the Post. 

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