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John HinshawJim Hale / LifeSiteNews

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (LifeSiteNews) – Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) has shared statements from pro-life rescuers who are currently in jail awaiting sentencing after being convicted of “conspiracy against rights” and violating the FACE Act. They face up to 11 years in federal prison.

“The Rescue community is strong and resilient. We are like the dandelions growing through the cracks of concrete. Some call us weeds, but the few that count know that us dandelions are medicinal for the movement,” 29-year-old Lauren Handy said in a statement from solitary confinement released through PAAU. “We dare to grow out of the apathy and put life into what it means to sacrifice for pre-born justice. Liberation for all! Now!”

On Saturday, September 2, PAAU hosted a “Jail Support Jamboree” outside the Alexandria Detention Center. As they sang outside the jail, rescuer John Hinshaw called them and said he could hear them.

“What I say about Rescue is it has always been the most physiologically appropriate response to what is happening,” Hinshaw said. “Because it’s a human response, and it’s a direct response to the actual killing of little babies. It’s always been the proper response. And that’s why when we Rescue, we’re at peace, because we know that that’s where we’re supposed to be. Where the babies are being sacrificed is where we should be. And that’s my message for Rescue. This is the sort of nonsense that you have to put up with, but we will persevere, and as I said this is a time of preparation for the hard tasks that are still ahead.”

From inside the detention center, Will Goodman said, “As the government enters a new phase of persecution against those engaged in non-violent direct action, it’s time for pro-lifers to be recommitted to the importance of non-violence and the importance of Rescue. And we are called to Rescue, not based on whether or not the government thinks it’s right, but based on whether or not the victims who are in need would consider this intervention an act of love and justice on their behalf.”
In another post on the PAAU website, executive director Caroline Smith wrote, “Since her incarceration, Lauren [Handy] has sent me several statements about her perspective, her experience, and her continued commitment to ending abortion. I have compiled those messages into a blog post for you to read.”
Handy wrote:

Hey everyone. I am doing well, and I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I’ve already been able to reach out to people I’ve encountered and provide comfort and counseling. Thank you for everyone’s support.

I know that many in the movement don’t agree with Rescue and now consider me useless because I am behind bars. This shows once again how our movement often comes off as gimmicky and inauthentic. This isn’t a numbers game — this is about Love. Loving the most useless, abandoned and unwanted without fear of punishment.

My vocation is to love… not to be reduced down to a function for the “cause”. My time in jail is the alabaster jar of perfume pouring out for the rejected and unloved.

Yes those outside of jail have saved tens of thousands of babies, and I hope and pray for tens of thousands more saved. But someone has to love and mourn and give reparations for the DC Five: Christopher X, Ángel, Holly, Harriet and Phoenix. I don’t want to fall into the Non-profit Industrial Complex and limit my ability to love without fear or shame.

Remember who the real enemy is… it’s not each other. Its the ones who fund, participate and protect this injustice.

It’s not just “sad” when an unborn person is murdered, it is acutely devastating. Someone needs to feel and mourn deeply. Someone needs to love to the point of supposed uselessness.

Someone needs to Rescue.

Three other rescuers, Joan Andrews Bell, Jonathan Darnel, and Jean Marshall, are currently on trial for their participation in the same rescue as the five who have already been convicted.