LOS ANGELES, February 26, 2008 ( – Abortionist Laurence Reich was arrested and jailed last week in Los Angeles for practicing medicine without a license after a special LAPD Task Force discovered he had been doing abortions illegally. Reich, who faces three felony counts, posted a $60,000 bond and was released.

  A protective order has been placed on the case, but it is known that the arrest is a result of a Health Authority Task Force (HALT) investigation that culminated in the raiding of several Clinical Medical Para La Mujer De Hoy abortion mills on August 1, 2007. That raid resulted in the arrest of owner Bertha Bugarin and her sister, Rachel, for doing abortions without medical licenses.

  Reich, an Osteopath, was forced to surrender his medical license on April 14, 2006, after a conviction on two counts of sexually molesting his abortion patients. Reich had previously served 10 years probation on a similar conviction in 1984. Operation Rescue exposed information it obtained that indicated that Reich engaged in gross sexual “misconduct” with his patients, which included fondling them before, during, and after abortions.

“Laurence Reich is a rapist who uses abortion to gain access to his victims. It doesn’t get any worse than that. Operation Rescue has for years called on authorities to put him in jail because of his pattern of perverted behavior,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The law has no meaning for these people. Only substantial jail time will adequately protect the public from falling prey them.”

  If convicted on the charges of practicing medicine without a license, Reich could face up to four years and four months in prison.

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