Dear LifeSiteNews Readers,

Oops! I made a large mathematical error in yesterday’s report about the amount LifeSiteNews is still short in its fundraising campaign. I’ve never been good at math, although in this case I was probably writing the report way too late the night before. If you added up the figures we gave, you would have noticed the error.

We are actually, ahem, $253,587 rather than $165,413 short of our goal of $300,000 to operate this fantastic life, family and culture news service and to pay for new website development and urgently needed extra staff.

That does not include the cost of many other exciting things that we very much want to do and which we KNOW we can do very well and then have an even bigger impact on events in the United States, Canada and elsewhere.

Let us help you to turn the tide in the great culture war that is raging around the world. We URGENTLY need your financial support in order to do this work that is God’s work, not ours.

We encourage US donors to contribute before the end of the year in order to receive their 2007 tax deductible receipt.

And please PRAY FOR US every day that we may receive the support needed and be constantly inspired and strengthened to do our job well. Those prayers are crucial.

We have been receiving many encouraging comments by email and telephone. Some have also given us great suggestions about how to go about raising funds. They are telling us to boldly continue asking for support since LifeSiteNews is worthy of readers’ support.

Here are some of the comments. We think you will find them interesting reading:

* P.T. from Dublin, Ohio donated $50 and wrote:
As I sit here balancing my checkbook I can’t seem to find any extra money to donate…. but then I know that I must.  God will provide for me and he is doing so through your daily emails.  Thank You.  You have provided me with such wonderful informative information.  It has spurred some great conversations with my children and husband.”

* T.M. from Edmonton, Alberta donated $100.00 and said:
I’m a relatively new reader and quite impressed by the timeliness and content of your articles”

* From D.D. in Orangeville, Ontario with a donation of $50.00
Too little for so much!”

* G.V. from Victoria, Australia sent $100.00
God Bless you and the wonderful work you do.  I pass your link on to each and everyone I meet.”

* D.R. from Saint John, New Brunswick sent $100
“I would give more if I could, hardly a day goes by that I’m not in front of a computer checking out LifesiteNews”

* J.O. from County Cork, Ireland sent $25
“Thank you for your blessed site. You expose the agenda in our country too and for this I am most grateful. Will help more in the New Year.”

* S.H. from Richmond, B.C. donated $50
“You’re an amazing inspiration to pro-lifers everywhere and your work is essential. We pray for you but not nearly enough; Beginning tonight we’ll include the LifeSiteNews Team in our family bedtime prayers!”

* F.F. from Cambridge Bay, Nunavit (far north, Canada) donated $200
“The first thing I do after work is read the latest LifeSiteNews”

* D.S. from California donated $30.00
“You do marvelous work”

* $20.00 from Nepean, Ontario
“The LifesiteNews is often unhappy and disturbing, but it is the only honest source for some important subjects”

* G.M. from Las Vegas, Nevada donated $50
“Thank You for your unbiased reporting”

* P.G. From Mars Hill, North Carolina donated $30
“Life Site News is completely indispensable.  I love it.  God bless you for what you do and how much you help us.”

* K.G. from Oakville, Ontario donated $100.00
“Regarding todays article: Your reasoning is correct: you are just not asking people enough for financial support, there is nothing wrong with asking.”

* B.M. from Ladera Ranch, California sent $100.00
“I wish I could send you a Million Dollars!! I’m so thankful for you and for how brilliantly you do what you do. Life Site is a constant resource for my Open Line Tuesday show!”

* M.H. from Newfoundland sent $20.00
“Wouldn’t want to do without Lifesite.”

* $20.00 from Swanville, Manitoba
“I am so appreciative of all the work you do. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!”

* P.S. from Toronto donated $100
“Great Job. Keep on asking for money”

* A.J. from Rome, Italy donated $50.00
“I live in Rome (a seminarian) …and by reading LifeSiteNews I know more about what’s happening in the UK than most of my fellow seminarians! And, I’m able to keep track of what’s happening in Canada. Excellent service.”

* V.V. from Estonia sent $50
“Just know that there are many people in Estonia and Finland reading LifeSiteNews daily. My wife has it as the opening page of her browser.”

We find many of these comments to be personally quite moving. They renew our determination and affirm that we are doing the right thing.

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Steve Jalsevac

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