AUSTIN, TX, July 12, 2013 ( – A writer for the feminist magazine Cosmopolitan has suggested women might throw menstrual blood on Texas state senators meeting to pass stronger health regulations for the state's abortion facilities.

For a while this afternoon, security officers at the state capitol in Austin confiscated tampons and maxi pads from everyone entering the chamber after pro-abortion demonstrators reportedly threatened to pelt legislators with feminine hygiene products as they debated H.B. 2 on Friday afternoon. They also held energy bars and other potential projectiles.

CNN's Josh Rubin reports that security personnel have since stopped confiscating unopened personal hygiene products, saying that the original issue was that some protesters were attempting to bring used ones in. 

News of the confiscations rocketed around social media, with the hashtag #tampongate trending for a time on Twitter, with many pro-abortion activists claiming that Republicans were discriminating against menstruating women. 


Michelle Ruiz regretted the lost opportunity on Cosmo's website.

“But we believe if there's a will to hurl things at a politician's head, there's a way,” Ruiz wrote. “Let's just say, if any of the protestors was stealth enough to wear a Diva Cup today, sh*t is about to go down.”

“The Diva Cup is a reusable silicon cup that you insert into your vagina during your period. It sits inside of you, collecting the blood,” the website explained in a separate article in March. “It can be worn for up to 12 hours.”

Ruiz reproduced with approval a tweet from feminist comedian Andrea Grimes, whom she described as a “journalist,” stating, “I never before have considered the aerial velocity of a fistful of pubic hair.”

She further derided Texas Republicans as “a bunch of pu—-s.”

However, their fears are not unfounded.

On Tuesday morning, a Twitter user suggested someone assassinate Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, a pro-life Republican. “A woman in Texas could shoot @DavidHDewhurst and use 'stand your ground' as a defense. Cause that guy is threatening all women in Texas,” the user tweeted.

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On Friday, a group of pro-abortion demonstrators crashed the main floor with homemade wanted posters of pro-life Republicans, according to the Associated Press.

In response to Friday's tampon furor, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) issued a statement, explaining that they had “received information that individuals planned to use a variety of items or props to disrupt legislative proceedings at the Texas Capitol.”

Unruly pro-abortion demonstrators in Austin prevented lawmakers from voting on the bill, then known as S.B. 5, during normal session. Governor Rick Perry called a special session to pass identical legislation, H.B. 2, this month.