ORLANDO, FL, February 12, 2014 ( – Country music star Gretchen Wilson, famous for Grammy Award-winning single “Redneck Woman,” doesn’t only sing about standing “barefooted in my own front yard with a baby on my hip,” she tweets about saving “unborn babies.”

Wilson decided to perform at SeaWorld on Saturday amidst controversy caused by the CNN documentary “Blackfish” that raises questions about keeping killer whales in captivity.

SeaWorld says that the film misrepresents the park’s practices.


The Canadian group Barenaked Ladies canceled its show at SeaWorld in November after viewing the documentary. Country legend Willie Nelson also followed suit.

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But Wilson would not jump on the anthropomorphic bandwagon.

“I did my research…can't wait to see my FANS on Saturday,” she tweeted on Thursday.

Critics immediately became brutal.

“Tell me, how do you do research with your head up your ass,” tweeted Keven Starbard with the hashtag “#Blackfish.”

“Do tell, what research? Or is it just $$$$ .You have lost this fan,” tweeted another.

“Foul odor, That's the smell of my Gretchen Wilson Cd's being burned in the fireplace,” tweeted yet another.

Wilson’s tweeted response to the backlash lit up the tweetosphere: “Wouldn't it be nice if this much effort could go into saving unborn babies?”