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July 29, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A distraught pregnant woman and her partner were threatened by a National Health Service (NHS) employee in the U.K. when they defended their right not to have their child tested for COVID-19.

In a video filmed by the baby’s father, the off-camera NHS worker can be heard telling the couple that their protest will be discussed with the safeguarding team.

“Just so I’m clear, this will be documented in your notes,” the female NHS staffer said. “We will let the neo-natal team know … and we will also ask the safeguarding team.”

This seemingly innocuous remark was immediately accepted as a threat by Stacey, the mother-to-be.

“And you’ll get social [services] involved, too,” she said and clapped in a bitter parody of last summer’s official Thursday evening “applaud the NHS” ritual. “You’re so good, aren’t you, you people?”

It is illegal to film inside hospitals, which may be why the father chose not to show anyone’s face. Nevertheless, he captured his partner’s exasperation with the NHS worker’s inability to accept that the couple does not want their baby to undergo the invasive test for COVID-19.

“I’m going to stop you now because I don’t want to hear no more of it,” Stacey said.

“You’ve told me about 5 bloody times, and I’m sick of hearing it,” she continued, as her partner worried about her stress levels. “I haven’t leaked [amniotic fluid] all day, and now I’m leaking. Do you think I really need this [rubbish] about COVID? I’ve got a risk of losing my baby …”

The baby’s father chimed in, telling the NHS workers, “You’re more worried about the COVID than the baby.”

“They’re not COVID-testing my baby, end of [story],” he added.

Stacey’s partner suggested that they get their things and go, but Stacey had a word to say to the NHS workers first about what patient care should look like.

“I know you don’t want me here really,” she said with candor. “I know you don’t want to do what you’ve got to do because of this stupid compliance crap.”

“But I’m sorry, when it comes to care for a patient … you’ve got to understand and listen to what they’re saying. You can’t tell me that you get to give me the [say-so] of what happens once my baby is born. I don’t think so.”

The mother stated that she had done her research, including speaking to police, and that she knew that the NHS staff couldn’t do anything to her baby without her permission.

Undaunted, the NHS worker made her subtle threats, informing Stacey and her partner that she would talk to the safeguarding team after the couple made it clear that the neo-natal team already knew their feelings about COVID-testing the baby.

In return, the baby’s father assured the NHS worker that the conversation would go viral. It appeared on the Twitter account of Dissent Media on July 28.

Dissent Media said that he had reached out to a family spokesperson.

“I have spoken to a representative for the family involved and reached out with an offer of an uncensored interview,” he tweeted. “I await response.”

Not much is known about the family as yet, except that the parents speak with strong London or Essex accents that mark them as socially vulnerable in England’s persistently classist society.

“I’m not a Marxist, but time and time again we see parents from a working-class and/or religious background treated with a hermeneutic of suspicion,” CitizenGO UK’s Caroline Farrow told LifeSiteNews via social media.

“As far as the NHS are concerned, as soon as you take your child to hospital and seek treatment or advice, they become the custodians and primary decision-makers,” Farrow noted on Twitter.

“What do the parents of Alfie Evans, Charlie Gard, Isaiah Haastrup, Tafida Raqeeb and now Alta Fixsler have in common? All from either working class and/or religious minority backgrounds …,” she added.

With regards to that expectant woman and her partner, it’s very distressing seeing some of the comments attacking them for being working class. Sadly, too many hospitals seem to share this approach & act as though working class parents who disagree with them, lack capacity.”