By Gudrun Schultz

  DENVER, Colorado, December 14, ( – Catholics who experience homosexual attraction are called to face the challenge of living celibately, said Fr. John Harvey, founder of Courage, a Catholic ministry that offers help and support to men and women with homosexual inclinations.

“The main challenge for Catholics with same-sex attractions is to find a way to overcome it and to find ways in which you can learn to give your life to Christ and God and to fill all kinds of good purposes in the world or in religious life,” Fr. Harvey said in an interview with El Pueblo Católico, published in the Denver Catholic Register this week.

“So the answer is, simply, learn how to get back to Christ, how to lead a good life without marriage — how to train yourself to be a celibate person and lead a good life.”

  Homosexuality is an “objective disorder”, Fr. Harvey said, because it can never lead to the fundamental purposes of sex—union between a man and a woman and the potential procreation of children.

“The only natural desire is the man having an attraction for a woman, which, eventually…leads to the accomplishment and goals that God had in mind in the community of man and body—that is, one flesh. From that communion should come children and family for the continuation of the generations of the human race.”

”[T]his inclination to the same sex doesn’t go anywhere,” Fr. Harvey said. “You don’t need revelation to prove homosexuality immoral. If those two purposes of bodies in love and children are not accomplished, the act is evil. It’s not doing what the Lord wanted us to.”

  Fr. Harvey said acceptance of gay “marriage”—which he termed an “impossibility”—stems from America’s loss of a fundamental moral code.

“The truth of the matter is we have no basic code of morality in our country. We have what is known as relativism, which means that whatever I think makes sense — in other words, human beings make up the new moral law. Adam and Eve tried to do that — the knowledge of right and wrong. They didn’t succeed. The result was original sin.”

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