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August 12, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Yesterday, a Dallas judge took away Jeffrey Younger’s say in his son James’ medical, psychological, and psychiatric care, giving that power to James’ mother, who wants to “transition” him into a “girl.” After receiving national attention in October 2019, the bitter parental dispute had ultimately resulted in both parents getting a say in decisions regarding James and his twin, Jude; this ruling effectively reverses that.

James Younger’s mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, will now be able to enroll the eight-year-old in school as a “girl” named “Luna” and subject him to transgender medical procedures.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Greg Abbott, Attorney General Ken Paxton, and many others commented on the case last year as the #SaveJamesYounger hashtag blew up on Twitter.

Yesterday’s ruling effectively reverses Judge Kim Cooks’ October order. After almost a week in court, in October Cooks had granted both parents, Mr. Younger and his ex-wife Dr. Georgulas, a say in medical, psychological, and psychiatric decisions for James and Jude. If the parents could not agree, a court-appointed parenting coordinator would be the tie-breaker. Now, Georgulas – who supports subjecting James to a gender “transition” – will be in charge of those decisions. Georgulas is not even James and Jude’s biological mother; she and her now-ex-husband used an egg donor to conceive the boys via in-vitro fertilization.

Additionally, Judge Cooks had granted the father, Jeffery Younger, 50-50 custody if he attended family counseling with his twin boys and Georgulas. This 50-50 possession was set to begin by January 2020 or June 2020 “as the counselor determines it is appropriate.” 

Mr. Younger was especially concerned about medical, psychological, and psychiatric decision making as medical records indicated James had been referred to a local gender “transition” clinic and Georgulas was looking to start the process of medically “transitioning” James into a “girl.”

But in October, Judge Kim Cooks’ ruling found that Georgulas was overly affirming in instances when James supposedly showed a desire to be a girl, including taking him to LGBTQ parades, buying him dresses and fake hair, and enrolling him in kindergarten as a “girl” named “Luna.”

Mr. Younger claims that James does not show any signs of wanting to be a girl when he is with James. He shared with the court that he initially allowed James to wear dresses and girls’ clothing at his home until he found the girls’ clothing in his trash one morning. 

Since then, Georgulas’ attorneys have challenged Cooks’ ruling. They filed multiple motions requesting Georgulas be granted additional rights and exclusive decision-making abilities for the boys.

Yesterday, Judge Mary Brown, who was appointed to the case in January, granted Georgulas’ requests to force Mr. Younger to pay for counseling for James and Jude and attend family counseling. Mr. Younger previously objected to both of these requests as he was not allowed a say in the selection of the boys’ counselor or the family counselor. 

The “Save James” Facebook page, run by individuals who support Mr. Younger’s cause, claims counseling will cost Mr. Younger $5,000 a month, in addition to a $10,000 retainer required by the counselor. Court documents do not specify the cost for counseling or the retainer. 

According to the “Save James” Facebook page, Judge Brown’s order will also allow Georgulas to enroll James in school as “Luna.” Court documents indicate that Younger wanted to pull the boys out of school in favor of homeschooling. 

Judge Brown’s ruling came without the hearing that was scheduled to take place yesterday. There was no explanation why Judge Brown issued her order without the proper hearing.

According to the “Save James” Facebook page, there is “a special evidentiary hearing is scheduled for September,” to review the current orders.