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(Liberty Counsel) — A federal district court issued a preliminary injunction that temporarily blocks the Biden administration guidance documents that illegitimately reinterpret federal law to require schools subject to Title IX to allow males who identify as female to participate on female athletic teams and use female-designated showers and locker rooms. Now female athletes will be protected in 20 states while the lawsuit moves forward.

Twenty state attorneys general, led by the state of Tennessee, and which include Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and West Virginia, requested the preliminary injunction order in their lawsuit challenging the guidance documents, issued by the U.S. Department of Education (Department) and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). One document interprets Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits “discrimination on the basis of sex,” to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden signed an “Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation.” Biden directed federal agencies to “fully implement statutes that prohibit sex discrimination” consistent with the administration’s interpretation.

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PETITION CONGRESS: Ban all males from female sports
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The entire country has seen what happens when men enter women's sports.

Lia Thomas is a biological male, but he was nonetheless allowed swim against elite female competitors to win an NCAA Freestyle competition, much to the disappointment of those women who had trained so hard to compete.


Males have a natural advantage over females in the vast majority of sports, so allowing them to enter women's sports can:

  • crush the motivation of the biological girls who have worked hard to compete on a level playing field
  • put females into harm's way in contact sports and locker rooms
  • deprive women of their right to fairly compete for college scholarships and many other accolades

We all know the spectacle of Lia Thomas defeating those female swimmers was a charade, a mockery of women's sports, but now it's time to do something about it.

Please SIGN this urgent petition calling on members of Congress to pass a law banning the participation of biological males in women's sports.

This is not just about ensuring biological girls and women can compete fairly and win in their chosen sports, but it's also a major safety issue in contact sports and the dangerous use of women's locker rooms by gender-confused males.

Some of you will remember Fallon Fox, the male MMA fighter who claimed to be a woman and left his female opponent concussed and with a fractured skull.

Fox later announced on social media that he enjoys "smacking up" women who "talk transphobic nonsense."

Any reasonable person knows men shouldn't compete against women, but some people are too politically correct to take a stand and protect girls and women from this madness.

It's now time to join the growing pushback against the gender-confused lobby and their dangerous beliefs that have literally left some female competitors in the hospital.

Please SIGN this common sense petition calling on Congress to ban all males from competing in women's sport.

Future generations will look back with gratitude on those who stood on the right side of history, defending women from these very confused males.

Nothing less than a federal ban on biological males forcing their way into women's sport is enough, so this petition will be sent to all members of Congress demanding legislative action.


'Olympians, coaches, swimmers write open letter demanding NCAA protect women’s sports' -

'Female swimmer torches NCAA after losing spot to William ‘Lia’ Thomas: ‘Make the right changes’' -

'Rep. Boebert files resolution declaring female runner-up to ‘Lia’ Thomas the rightful winner' -

**Photo Credit: Fox News/YouTube screenshot

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On August 30, 2021, the plaintiffs filed a complaint challenging the legality of the guidance documents issued by the Department and the EEOC in response to the executive order. Specifically, the attorneys general contend that the guidance documents are procedurally and substantively unlawful under the Administrative Procedure Act and the U.S. Constitution.

Judge Charles Atchley Jr. concluded that the guidance is based, in part, on a flawed interpretation of Bostock v. Clayton County, a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling about employment discrimination. In that case, the High Court was asked to resolve whether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits employment discrimination “because of … sex,” bars an employer from firing an employee for being homosexual or identifying as the opposite gender. Judge Atchley ruled last Friday that the administration’s directives would make it impossible for some states to enforce their own laws on male athletes participating in female sports, including access to bathrooms and locker rooms.

Judge Atchley wrote, “Both the Department and EEOC maintain that their respective guidance documents are required by the Bostock decision. However, Defendants ignore the limited reach of Bostock. The Bostock decision only addressed sex discrimination under Title VII; the Supreme Court expressly declined to ‘prejudge’ how its holding would apply to ‘other federal or state laws that prohibit sex discrimination’ such as Title IX. Similarly, the Supreme Court explicitly refused to decide whether ‘sex-segregated bathrooms, locker rooms, and dress codes’ violate Title VII. Bostock does not require Defendants’ interpretations of Title VII and IX. Instead, Defendants fail to cabin themselves to Bostock’s holding. Defendants’ guidance documents advance new interpretations of Titles VII and IX and impose new legal obligations on regulated entities.”

The court further wrote, “Plaintiffs have enacted, and are currently enforcing, statutes that arguably conflict with Defendants’ guidance as to the legality of certain conduct related to sexual orientation and gender identity. For example, Tennessee has a statute providing ‘[a] student’s gender for purposes of participation in a public middle school or high school interscholastic athletic activity or event must be determined by the student’s sex at the time of the student’s birth.’ Yet, the Department’s Fact Sheet, which purports to explain existing obligations under Title IX, highlights that students should be allowed to participate on a sports team consistent with their gender identity, rather than biological sex. Tennessee also has a statute providing public school students, teachers, and employees with a cause of action against a school that ‘intentionally allow[s] a member of the opposite sex to enter [a] multi-occupancy restroom or changing facility while other persons [are] present.’”

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, “Title IX was enacted to give females equal opportunities in sports, not to allow men to take over female sports. Girls and women have worked hard to compete on a safe and fair playing field against other female athletes. They also deserve privacy and protection in their locker room and bathrooms. Thankfully, another Biden directive bites the dust.”

Reprinted with permission from Liberty Counsel.

Help a brave therapist being attacked by Southern Poverty Law Center: LifeFunder