REGINA, Sask, November 28, 2001 ( – A municipal court in Regina, Saskatchewan has ordered Bill Whatcott of the Christian Truth Activists to pay a $90 fine by Dec 31 or spend four days in jail for distributing pro-life leaflets at the University of Regina. In May university security ordered Whatcott to remove pro-life leaflets he had placed on car windshields and according to Whatcott even took some of the literature out of the hands of two Oriental students who of their own free will accepted it.

When Whatcott refused to remove the literature from the vehicles, campus security ticketed him with littering. He took the case to court claiming it was a violation of his freedom of speech. Justice Bob Eaton ruled against Whatcott Thursday November 22. Whatcott said that as a matter of conscience he cannot pay the fine since forbidding such distribution of pro-life information amounted to prohibiting free speech. He said he would rather accept the jail sentence.

(with files from Pro-Life E-News)