LIMA, Peru, Sep. 06, 2005, ( A court injunction has been granted in Lima that will stop the distribution of the morning-after pill in that country. The injunction was granted in response to a petition filed by the “Association for the Struggle Against Corruption Without Compromise”, a non-governmental organization located in Peru.

The Catholic News Agency is reporting that health authorities must suspend the distribution of the morning-after pill until such time as it is determined not to be an abortifacient.

The Peruvian Health Minister, Pilar Mazzetti, must cease the practice of distributing the pill until “the implementation of an adequate policy informing people of the abortifacient effects of the drug and of the implications for women’s health is guaranteed.”

While government officials from the Health Ministry insist that they will appeal the ruling Jose Luis Garrido-Lecca of the Anti-Corruption group, said he was satisfied. There is a wealth of scientific studies showing that the pills in question are actually abortifacient.Â

The ruling comes after a long struggle against the practice of distributing the morning-after pill. Thousands of Peruvians protested at the Ministry of Justice last August, claiming that the action violated the country’s constitution, which protects life from the moment of conception.