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Alfie Evans with his mom Kate after being removed from his ventilator April 24, 2018. Facebook

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ROME, April 25, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The parents of Alfie Evans will today challenge a High Court ruling that prevents them from taking their son to Italy for further care.

A spokesman for the Christian Legal Centre, the lawyers representing the family, said the Court of Appeal has agreed to hold a hearing this afternoon at 2:00 p.m., as to whether parents Thomas Evans and Kate James can transport heir son abroad to receive treatment.

On Tuesday evening, Judge Anthony Hayden ruled that the parents could not take their child to Italy and called his decision the “final chapter in the case of this extraordinary little boy.”

But speaking outside Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool this morning, Thomas Evans said the Court of Appeal contacted them last night after Justice Hayden’s decision. “They contacted Mr. Diamond [the parents’ lawyer] and said that we are … ready for your appeal,” he told Britain’s This Morning show.

“We believe this could be a dramatic change or twist in the case. We hope it is. The Court of Appeal has got to see that Justice Hayden was wrong, and so were the doctors,” he said.

Asked how he and Kate are “coping,” Evans said: “Just as well as Alfie is coping.”

“We’ve put so much dedication into him, and he’s just paying us back now. In a way, we are sustaining his life and doing what the doctors should be doing.”

IMPORTANT: For live updates on the Alfie Evans case click here

Following reports last evening that Alfie was being starved, Thomas Evans today confirmed his son is now receiving nourishment, but he said “they only started feeding him at 1:00 a.m.” last night. 

“It’s disgusting how he’s being treated. Not even an animal would be treated this way,” the toddler’s father said. 

Evans said “Alfie is still doing as well as he can. He’s fighting,” adding that the child is not suffering or in pain.

“I believe I am getting closer [to getting him home]. We would be happy with that. But we would be more blessed to get him to Italy where he needs treatment,” Evans said.

Vowing to keep fighting for his son, he said: “We were told he wouldn’t last five minutes and here we are 36 hours later.”