CALGARY, May 3 ( – Alberta Report Magazine, which last month exposed the Foothills hospital in Calgary for their infanticide practice and its policy forcing nurses to perform these “genetic abortions,” was ordered Friday by a court not to publish anything based on leaked documentation of the facts.  Justice Roy Deyell also ordered the Alberta Report to turn over the names of any individuals or organizations who had information from the source documents that they had been given.

The Calgary Regional Health Authority (CHRA) was given the interim injunction pending a hearing into the case. Physicians for Life condemned the injunction and the CHRA for concealing the truth. “Reports of conscience coercion are shamefully under-publicized by the media in Canada,”  said Dr. Will Johnston, Secretary-Treasurer of Canadian Physicians for Life. “Alberta Report newsmagazine is acting responsibly in exposing the horror of nurses forced to assist in infanticide. But Foothills Hospital and the Calgary Regional Health Authority are attempting to silence the media and health care workers. Some people who govern us in our democracy don’t care if we are being coerced to violate our consciences.”

The health authority, insinuating that pro-lifers are the source of violence, is claiming a risk to the security of health care workers if the media reports the truth about eugenic abortions and coercion in their facilities. As a result, of their extreme response to Alberta Report’s story, however, the story about babies born alive and refused food, water and medical treatment has finally hit the mainstream media across the country.

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Sources: The National Post and Pro-Life E-News