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Court orders student to pay for vandalizing, stealing pro-life signs


INDIANA, January 8, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – A Monroe County judge has ordered Indiana University student Thomas Metcalf to pay the pro-life group Created Equal for damaging its equipment.

Last fall, Created Equal’s Road Trip for Life faced shocking vandalism at Indiana University (IU, Bloomington) when a pro-abortion student first stole its signs before returning to vandalize and destroy others showing pictures of aborted babies. The student, Metcalf, was arrested later that same day.

Metcalf is a member of Young Democratic Socialists at IU and Black Lives Matter. Metcalf spray painted and broke signs while the Created Equal team was engaging in peaceful pro-life outreach on IU’s campus. He also threw bungee cords and metal rods from Created Equal’s equipment, which were never recovered.

The judge gave Metcalf several other orders, including paying court costs and filing fees, completing community service hours within 60 days, and writing an essay for the City Prosecutor on the topic of the First Amendment and the right of individuals to exercise free speech.


‘I f***ing hate you’: Student vandalizes, tries to steal pro-life signs

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