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August 23, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Last night, the Texas 5th Court of Appeals denied the Pardo family’s request for their medically fragile son Drake to be returned to them after state officials seized him over two months ago. The saga began when Daniel and Ashley Pardo filed a complaint against a doctor who was treating Drake and asked for a second opinion. 

The Texas 5th Court of Appeals denied the family’s request for emergency relief forcing them to bring the case to the Texas Supreme Court. A gag order continues to prevent the Pardos from speaking publicly about the seizure of their son. 

The court’s decision stated, “After reviewing the petition and mandamus record, we conclude relators have not shown they are entitled to the relief requested…Accordingly, we deny relators’ petition for writ of mandamus.” 

“They basically gave no explanation at all. They gave a one paragraph explanation, saying, eh, you know, we disagree,” said Jeremy Newman, Policy Director at the Texas Homeschool Coalition, in a Facebook video. 

Based on past actions by the court, Newman is not surprised by the ruling. 

“It is kind of a recurring theme in this case now – where at every step of the way you have these people who are actually refusing to cite the facts that justify what they are doing,” said Newman. 

The Pardo family now needs to bring their case to the Texas Supreme Court in order for Drake to be returned home.

The courts have continually denied the family’s requests Drake be released despite Child Protective Services (CPS) admitting in court to wrongdoing. Both the CPS caseworker and supervisor for the case have admitted under oath that they did not follow all of the proper rules for removing Drake from his parents’ home and that they had broken the law.

Click HERE to sign the THSC petition asking Drake be allowed to go home, and to contact Texas leaders to urge them to take action.


Texas gov’t officials seize 4-year-old homeschooler after parents ask doctor for second opinion