DENVER, May 26, 2003 ( – The Colorado Court of Appeals has ruled that the state’s courts have no jurisdiction over a woman’s decisions or actions respecting an unborn child in her womb—even if the woman knowingly uses harmful drugs. The ruling upheld an earlier decision that dismissed Fremont county’s neglect case against a pregnant woman who was taking methamphetamine.  The county had filed a “dependency and neglect petition” in an effort to protect the health of the unborn child. It was worded to say that the child “resided” with the mother, and described the baby as dependent and subject to neglect as a result of the drug use.  “There are no remedies in the [Colorado Children’s] Code appropriate to an unborn child or designed to restrict the conduct of a pregnant woman,” the ruling said. The decision appears to leave open the possibility that such protection could be legislated.  For local coverage:,1413,36~53~1408944,00.html