TORONTO, Oct 3 (LSN) – In a precedent-setting case, judge N. Douglas Cook ruled in favour of a lesbian claimant for death benefits. Kelly Kane, 36, of Toronto was awarded a $25,000 insurance payment from the Axa Insurance Company. Moreover the attorney-general’s office was ordered to change the Ontario Insurance Act’s definition of ‘spouse’ from “either a man and a woman’’ to “either of two persons.’’ The Toronto Sun reports that no decision on an appeal has been made by the government or the insurance company.

In similar cases involving court decisions of public concern, such as the court case against the 18 pro-lifers and the topless issue, the Ontario government has falsely alleged they can do nothing about the courts’ decisions. The Harris government has made it clear that, on moral issues, it will not exercise the degree of political will necessary to defeat strong challenges to traditional principles. On some of these issues, it has been relatively content to allow the courts to arbitrarily assume legislative powers and change laws or interpret them beyond their original intent.

Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition, urges pro-family Ontario citizens to immediately contact their MPP’s, the Premier and the Attorney-General to voice their concerns over this issue.

For contact numbers and addresses call the Provincial inquiry line at 1-800-268-8758.