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Then-Canadian Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos during the COVID-19 'pandemic'Shutterstock

LETHBRIDGE, Alberta (LifeSiteNews) — A COVID vaccine-injured Canadian mother is suing the Canadian government and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for misinformation and negligence. 

On June 30, Carrie Sakamoto, who now suffers from permanent Bell’s Palsy after taking the COVID-19 vaccine, filed a lawsuit for $10.5M in the Court of King’s Bench in Lethbridge, Alberta, against various health officials and the CBC for convincing her that the vaccine was “safe” and “effective.” 

“I think Canadians will be shocked to learn about the rushed changes government made to the safety standard for vaccines at the start of COVID,” Sakamoto’s lawyer Eva Chipiuk stated. 

“At the same time the Defendants were aggressively assuring the public that the COVID-19 vaccines were “safe and effective,” those same agencies had worked to change the approval standard by removing the requirement for the COVID-19 vaccines to be either ‘safe’ or ‘effective,’” she revealed. 

“The Government has already conceded, to the Public Accounts Committee, that the contracts with the manufacturers were rushed, did not contain the normal standards, and provided additional indemnities in favour of the manufacturers,” Chipiuk added. 

After following the advice of “trusted” officials, Sakamoto, a mother of three, has been left permanently disabled following her second dose of the COVID vaccine produced by Pfizer. 

Sakamoto’s legal case is being supported by Empowered Canadians and The Institute for Freedom and Justice.    

The lawsuit accuses the Federal Minister of Health, the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, Health Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada, Dr. Celia Lourenco, Alberta Health Services, and the CBC of negligence, misinformation, and suppression of vaccine injury information related to COVID-19 vaccines. 

It stresses the Health Minister’s “duty” to provide Canadians with accurate and researched information before recommending an experimental drug.  

It further argues that the “public health experts, reporting on behalf of health experts, and public health broadcasters” broke trust with the public at a time when Canadians were most “vulnerable,” and purposely suppressed information regarding adverse vaccine effects. 

Recently, a secret memo emerged showing that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government knew about COVID vaccine injuries and strategized to allay fears. 

Sakamoto is hardly alone in suffering from life-changing vaccine injuries. A study from the United Kingdom last year showed that AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 injection is linked with a significant increase in Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) between two and four weeks after it is administered. 

Most Canadian provinces quietly stopped administering the AstraZeneca vaccine a few months after it was approved for use. 

In fact, in March 2021, Canada stopped the distribution of the AstraZeneca jab from being given to people under age 55 after numerous reports indicated the product may be linked to blood clots. 

Sakamoto’s lawsuit comes as many Canadians are turning to their government for justice after their health was taken away by the experimental shots.  

Last month, a man from British Columbia, injured from the COVID shot, sued AstraZeneca, federal and provincial governments, and a pharmacy.  

Similarly, last week, hundreds of Canadian military members filed $500 million lawsuit over COVID jab mandates.