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(LifeSiteNews) — Many of the hundreds of current and former members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) who are suing the Crown are doing so because they were physically injured by its COVID jab mandate.

In an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews, one active member told his story of abuse and mistreatment within the CAF. He has joined one of the lawsuits against the Crown because the COVID shot aggravated his pre-existing health conditions.

The member suffers from numerous physical and mental health issues which, he says, are all service related. While he has never had serious reactions to vaccines before, “now a vaccine will put me out for about two weeks.”

“It causes all of my underlying medical issues to be worsened for that two-week period, to the point where I can’t even walk.” He continued, “Last time I got a vaccine, I fell down my stairs because my knees and back were out and I had vertigo.”

These and several other side effects were not regular reactions to vaccinations, he said. They were unique to COVID shots.

“With the other vaccines, if anything I get minor arm soreness, but the last time that I got a COVID shot, [the] arm that I got it in was completely immobile.”

When he mentioned these side effects to the doctors on the CAF base, he was told the vaccine was not to be blamed.

“The acting wing surgeon on my base stated that any comments related to a COVID vaccine injury was illegal for the medical staff, so I asked, ‘Well, could you forward me to a civilian doctor who could look into any potential issues with that?’ And he said, ‘No.’”

The member was particularly worried because his mother was hospitalized for 3 months after receiving the COVID shot but was again told the vaccine cannot cause injury.

“I mentioned [his mother’s condition] to the doctor, and they just denied any possibility.”

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This experience is not completely foreign to the member, who said he has encountered this behavior in the past.

“The chain of command has a habit of spinning out of proportion,” he said. “In my experience, I have never seen a calm reaction to stuff like this. It’s always knee-jerk reactions.”

The member told LifeSiteNews that he has been written up numerous times by the chain of command for reasons related to his health issues.

“They said I was incompetent at my job even though I have all these disabilities,” he said.

He told LifeSite that he has been punished through forced isolation and the denial of equipment that would assist his physical conditions.

“The chief warrant officer at the time instructed my new supervisor not to give me any work and not to let me do anything, but make sure that I come into the building every day”

The member remains in the military and has joined the lawsuit not only to support himself and his family but to send a message.

“They have no accountability, and there are no repercussions… They need to fix the system,” he said.

The member was also frustrated that the vaccine hasn’t prevented him from contracting COVID-19.

“Despite me getting the two vaccines and the booster, I’ve still had COVID six times, and it’s debilitating every time.”

His is far from being the only case of vaccine injury outlined in the Statements of Claim for both lawsuits.

A CAF member from Frankford, Ontario suffered a vaccine injury after her second dose. The Statement of Claim says, “She applied for a medical accommodation for any booster injections and was denied.”

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Another member from Montreal, Quebec suffered “serious cardiac side effects” after receiving just one shot. She was still ordered to receive another dose, and her claim states that she “was not given any information about applying for an exemption to receiving the injections.”

According to other members, applying for exemptions has been a futile endeavor. A member from Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, received one injection and suffered a “severe adverse event.” Nevertheless, he was denied a medical exemption for a second dose. He is now in the process of a 3(b) medical release due to a severe vaccine injury, according to the Statement of Claim.

An even more extreme example comes from a member from Sherwood Park, Alberta. He is also seeking a 3(b) release “due to being disabled and impacted from the diagnosed severe vaccine injury.” After he was denied an exemption, he received the shot to preserve his career and now suffers from “life-threatening adverse effects from the injections.”

The Statement of Claim for both cases includes this paragraph in the “Statement of Facts” section:

To justify the Directives, the CAF ignored, and even hid, data showing severe, short-term risks of COVID-19 vaccination for the population group of the CAF and never admitted that the abbreviated studies could not have been long enough in duration to assess long-term, severe and irreversible injury.

Both cases are expected to take years to resolve according to the plaintiffs’ representative, Catherine Christensen of Valour Law. She says each plaintiff will likely be questioned by the Crown defense.