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(LifeSiteNews) – In this latest episode of The Bishop Strickland Show, Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas explained how the Catechism of the Catholic Church condemns forced medical procedures, and he calls out COVID jab mandates as a violation of informed consent and an individual’s free will.

Bishop Strickland noted how the medical establishment, governments, and the media have not been clear and open about information regarding the virus, including hiding details on effective treatments.

“It’s hard to get clear medical information,” he said. “You hear a lot about vaccines. Maybe I’ve just missed it, but I’ve heard very little about how do we beef up our immune system.”

Strickland added that while the COVID shots are an experimental medical treatment, there are many other safe treatments to the virus that have not been talked about. He stated how this lack of information regarding alternatives to the “vaccine” and the truth of the jabs has made it difficult for people to give informed consent to the injections.

His Excellency mentioned how the Catechism of the Catholic Church highlights the importance of protecting an individual’s free will, which he said is “being trampled” by COVID jab mandates. He spoke about the “need to hold sacred the informed consent,” that is guaranteed in paragraph 2295 of the Catholic Catechism.

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