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PHOENIX, AZ (LifeSiteNews) — A world-class COVID-19 expert has called the experimental drugs used to prevent the coronavirus “a product of bioterrorism.” 

Dr. Peter McCullough made the remark during an October 27 meeting in Phoenix, Arizona in which he explained the dangers of mRNA technology used to combat COVID-19. Of particular concern to McCullough is the mRNA jabs’ ability to make the human body produce spike protein.  

 “Everything we have learned about the spike protein since release of the vaccines is bad, 100% bad,” he lamented. 

 “This spike protein—in itself—is pathogenic,” he continued.   

 “This spike protein—in itself—is lethal to some through mechanisms which are now very well accepted and understood in human medicine.” 

McCullough said that this lethality was not a mistake and that it is the reason for autoimmune attacks some people have experienced after accepting an mRNA vaccine.  

“The spike protein is lethal to the cells [where] it’s produced,” he explained.  

“When it is expressed on the cell surface, it invites an attack. That’s what causes these autoimmune attacks in the organs.”  

Nevertheless, the inventors of the mRNA vaccines have a therapeutic goal, even if the means can be so damaging. The creation of the spite protein by the body is supposed to produce immunity “against the spike protein, which is a pathogenic part of SARS-CoV2,” McCullough said. 

“And the spike protein itself, as many of you understand, is also the target and the product of, intentional gain-of-function research in the Wuhan lab,” he continued.   

“So, in the most kind of perverted way, it’s hard to say this, but the vaccine is, in a sense, giving people a dose of a product of bioterrorism, by injection,” he observed. 

McCullough was adamant that the available COVID vaccines are dangerous. His presentation included documentation demonstrating that all age groups are more likely to die from the vaccines than from COVID-19, that the vaccinated are just as much a virus transmission threat to others as the unvaccinated, and that those who have recovered from the disease have a 56% greater chance of severe side-effects should they afterwards take the jab. 

He also stated that the excessive death toll and resulting numbers of permanently disabled Americans due to the COVID shots exceeds the same categories from the Iraq War. 

The meeting was organized by local medical freedom activist Irene Pi. She introduced McCullough to a packed room of approximately 350 people as “a practitioner with such compelling integrity” who informs his audience on these topics with a “profound sentiment of truth for what he is sharing.” 

McCullough, a cardiologist, internist, and epidemiologist based in Dallas, TX, is widely recognized as one of the foremost experts on the COVID-19 infection. He has 51 peer-reviewed publications on the disease, treats COVID patients as part of his practice, and has recovered from the infection himself. 

A former professor of medicine, he has addressed live audiences (here and here) and made  many media appearances to convey and explain the scientific data related to the novel coronavirus. 

We have ‘tricked’ our bodies into producing a dangerous foreign protein 

In his presentation, McCullough explained in detail how the gene-transfer mRNA injections (from Pfizer and Moderna) and adenoviral DNA shots (from Johnson & Johnson) make human cells produce “spike proteins” or “spines of the virus.” Referring to the likeness between the spike protein created by the body and the spike proteins in COVID-19, the expert said, “We almost kind of turn our own cells into a virus, if you will.” 

This has resulted in a novel situation in which the body itself produces foreign matter.  

“The body recognizes [these spikes on our cells] as being abnormal, then the body attacks them,” McCullough continued.   

“So, this is the first time in human medicine where we actually have our bodies be tricked into producing a foreign [spike] protein, and then have our body attack our own cells with the hope of creating immunity.” 

This process may spread throughout the body repeatedly for up to three months.  

“Normally mRNA lasts a few seconds, and it’s dissolved,” McCullough explained.   

“This mRNA, we believe, lasts in the human body for at least a month,” he continued.  

“We’ve published … on this; we have very good data on it. We think [it lasts] at least a month, maybe three months.”  

Though the technology behind these processes has been around for decades, the vaccines are really “failed gene-transfer technology products,” McCullough said. Until now, the technology was designed “to produce a normal protein” to supplement a deficiency in patients.  

“But we have never injected into the human body” such a mechanism “to make a foreign protein which now we have learned is, frankly, dangerous,” explained McCullough, the editor of two medical journals, The American Journal of Cardiology  and
Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine.

No standard safety committees in place, COVID ‘vaccination should be halted immediately’ 

McCullough highlighted a June 2021 paper he co-authored with an international team of another 56 scientists called “SARS-CoV-2 mass vaccination: Urgent questions on vaccine safety that demand answers from international health agencies, regulatory authorities, governments and vaccine developers.” 

The authors raised many concerns, including studies showing that the pathogenic spike protein circulates freely in the body. They are also worried about long-term side-effects.   

“There has been no testing to see if [mRNA or adenoviral DNA] incorporates into the human genome, if it causes birth defects, or cancer,” he said.  

“If we don’t have the proper safety mechanisms in place, we think we’re going to be in trouble,” he continued.  

“There have been no safety committees. [This is] extremely worrisome.”  

McCullough told LifeSiteNews via email that data safety monitoring boards (DSMB), event adjudication committees (EAC), and Human Ethics Committees “are standard regulatory bodies agreed upon by the sponsor and regulatory authorities to oversee subject safety and integrity of the research program.”  

“These bodies should have been in place at the very beginning of the US public program, and they should have been given a report on safety from the CDC / FDA monthly,” he stated. 

As his June 2021 paper makes clear, “data safety monitoring boards (DSMB) and event adjudication committees (EAC) should be enacting risk mitigation” in these programs.  

“If DSMBs and EACs do not do so, we will call for a pause in mass vaccination,” the authors wrote.   

“If DSMBs and EACs do not exist, then vaccination should be halted immediately.” 

McCullough has spoken on this topic elsewhere, highlighting its problematic nature both ethically and legally.  

“The FDA and the CDC are the sponsors of the program,” he has said.   

“They cannot be the adjudicators of death [reports]. They cannot. That violates every regulatory law that we know.” 

Never before have we tested a product on groups excluded from randomized trials 

McCullough also discussed the importance of excluding certain vulnerable groups from vaccine trials. He said that the trials for the experimental gene-transfer COVID-19 vaccines properly excluded “pregnant women, women of childbearing potential, COVID survivors and [the] previously immune.” 

“Now, those groups, when they’re excluded from clinical trials, we never, ever, ever test the product out on the market in those groups,” he said.  

“Never. And it should really raise great concern in your mind that we would have a physician group like the American College of Obstetrics say that pregnant women should take the vaccine with no randomized trial data. None,” he continued.  

“That is a fracture. That is a fracture of good medical practice, of regulatory compliance, [and] of jurisprudence. That’s a fracture of the fiduciary relationship between the doctors and the [patients]. Something is wrong when that happens, and historians are going to write about that for a long time.” 

McCullough added that there had been no attempt either to prevent the groups most vulnerable to COVID-19 jab injuries from taking the jab or to make the vaccine program safer. He noted the speed and corner-cutting of the vaccines’ rollout.   

“I can tell you, when products are released, they are constantly surveilled, because we have to adjust the dose,” the physician said.   

“We have to adjust the timing. We have to figure out maybe [how] some medicines interact with the new medicine,” he continued.   

“It doesn’t work out perfectly, it never does. This idea that Voila! we’re going to do this in two months, hand you a product, and it is ready to go … with no adjustments, is extremely concerning. And that is what Americans have been told: no adjustments whatsoever.” 

Safety problem with the vaccines inarguable by April 

McCullough addressed the high number of adverse events following the shots, which have included hospitalizations, permanent injuries, and death. He stated that by January 22 (power point presentation slide 11), the U.S. “had already hit 182 deaths due to COVID-19 vaccines at 27 million people vaccinated.”  

Dr. Peter McCullough Slide 11 – Emerging COVID-19 Vaccine Mortality Signal by Jan. 22,2021

“Now, normally across 70 [different] vaccines, 278 million shots a year, there are roughly 158 deaths reported, not temporally related to the shot. Here we already had 182,” he stressed.   

“If we would have had, and should have had, a DSMB, a Human Ethics Board, an external critical event committee, the program would have been shut down in February.” 

Citing another early peer-reviewed safety warning by Jessica Rose, with bar charts showing an enormous jump in reports and deaths due to vaccines in 2021, 40 times higher than in 2020, McCullough said, “Look at 2021. If you look at all safety reports and deaths, respectively, we have a signal. It’s, like, ‘Houston, we’ve got a problem!’ 

“The VAERS [Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System] is supposed to be an early warning system it is supposed to warn us when something is going wrong,” he continued.  

“The warning happened in January. By the time you got to April, we were way over the line. In April it was clear that we had an unequivocal, unambiguous, cannot be argued … safety problem with the vaccines.” 

McCullough said that the injection rate began to plummet around this time because people began to worry about the safety of the jabs and wonder if they were being “sandbagged.”  

More deaths and permanently disabled than modern wars, including the Iraq War 

Continuing his analysis of VAERS reports, the Texas-based internist presented the numbers through October 15, noting 17,128 deaths, 10,304 cases of myocarditis/pericarditis (heart inflammation), and the “astronomical numbers of hospitalizations, ER visits, etc.”  

“We are at, shockingly, 26 thousand Americans now permanently disabled after the vaccines,” McCullough stated.   

“That [is what] the CDC is telling us. Permanently disabled! Now, who answers for that? That’s more than a war. That’s more than the Iraq War. These are permanently disabled Americans.” 

McCullough also emphasized that there were separate analyses and U.S. VAERS data to support his statement that 50% of the deaths following COVID-19 vaccination occur within 48 hours, and 80% within a week. 

“No wonder people are protesting,” he remarked. 

86% of VAERS deaths have no other explanation than the experimental vaccines 

McCullough countered the mainstream media’s assertion that it cannot be known if the vaccines were a causal factor of the thousands of deaths reported in VAERS. 

According to this June 2021 study, by Scott McLachlan et all, conducted with “with separate, independent adjudicators,” 86% of the deaths had no other explanation than the vaccine. 

“Somebody challenged me one time,” the speaker disclosed.   

“‘Well, Dr. McCullough, how do you know if [a death] is due to the vaccine or not?’ I said, ‘You know, I don’t even care. If it’s within 30 days of an administration of a product, do you know that by pharmacological vigilance rules, we don’t care about causality? All that we care [about] is that it happened in a window of concern. That’s enough to start investigating,’” he related.  

“This should have been being investigated for months. This is probably one of the biggest scandals, of Americans who lost their lives, in the history of our country.” 

All age groups more likely to die of the vaccines than of COVID-19 

McCullough then highlighted a peer-reviewed study by Ronald N. Kostoff which concluded “that you are about five times as likely to die of the vaccine, then you are to take your risks with COVID-19 and die of COVID-19 [for those 65 and older].”  

“No wonder people aren’t taking the vaccine,” he said.  

“There was no age group were [the odds of taking the vaccine] were favorable. It was actually worse in those over age 65. It was worse for [the most vulnerable] over 65.” 

Therefore, McCullough emphasized, people who intentionally chose not to get the vaccine and were later hospitalized with COVID had “actually made a smarter choice.” 

“Their gut instinct was the right instinct, yet they have been castigated for not taking the vaccine,” he said.  

Wrongdoing by FDA and CDC in saying an adverse reaction like myocarditis is ‘rare’ 

Discussing the dangers of myocarditis in children receiving these gene-transfer injections, McCullough criticized the CDC’s June classification of these adverse events as “rare” and “mild.”  

“When the FDA and CDC reviewed this in June, they had 200 cases,” he stated. 

“And they disingenuously said two things: [first that] it was rare. We never say that in safety work. Never. Because we didn’t check everybody for it. They only had 200 cases that people brought forward.” 

“The second thing they said is, ‘It’s mild.’ 90% of the kids in the initial CDC review were hospitalized. Do you know what it takes to hospitalize a 17-year-old kid and take him out of school? No, it’s not ‘mild’,” he continued.  

“This is basically wrongdoing by officials in authority. They should be concerned. They should be conservative, and they should have said, ‘Listen, this is serious, these kids are being hospitalized, and this could be the tip of the iceberg’.” 

“Here we are today; we have 10,000 cases. They had 200! Who in the world said it was rare?” 

McCullough asserted that it is “shocking” that parents are having their children vaccinated.    

10,000 reports of myocarditis in VAERS system ‘real’ and ‘serious’ 

McCullough defended the credibility of the VAERS system by describing how stringent the process of reporting is. False reporting is punishable by imprisonment or a federal fine, and doctors who report must supply their names and ID numbers. Within a few weeks, the CDC calls the reporter to verify the report and discusses the case thoroughly. 

“What is reported in VAERS is as real as it can be,” McCullough asserted and emphasized the seriousness of the epidemic of heart inflammation occurring in young people inoculated against COVID-19. 

“I’m telling you, 10,000 cases of myocarditis are real, and they’re serious, and they are affecting young people: kids who are trying to go to school, trying to go to college, and very importantly, what Tracy Høeg showed, is that, in her analysis, now months later, 86% of these kids are hospitalized,” he continued.   

“It has never been mild. It wasn’t mild back in June, it’s certainly not mild in September, and what [Høeg] showed again, because of determinism, for a young person, they are more likely to be hospitalized for myocarditis than be hospitalized with COVID-19.”   

“I’m telling you, it is a bad proposition for anybody in the younger age groups to get vaccines.” 

In response to these findings, the cardiologist shared that Sweden, Iceland, and Denmark have prohibited anyone under the age of 30 from getting the injections. 

Delta variant ‘thriving’ in the jabbed, who are ‘as likely’ to spread it as the unjabbed 

While reviewing several studies and reports revealing that the gene-transfer injections are not working against the dominant “Delta variant” of COVID-19, McCullough concluded that “this in no way can be called a ‘crisis of the unvaccinated’.” 

“This can [rather] be called a crisis of vaccine failure, and this is what is not being reported to America on the news,” he said.   

“And our seniors are being blindsided. They have taken the vaccine and they think they are protected, and they’re not. That’s the problem. The problem, again, is malfeasance [on the part of government health officials].”  

The rise of the Delta variant has come from the use of the COVID vaccines themself, McCullough asserted. He explained that “evolutionary pressure” has created a situation where “for the first time, we have 99% Delta as a single strain in the United States.”  

We’ve never had that. We’ve always had a blend. Just like we have people with different hair color, different looks and shapes here in the room,” he continued.   

“Can you imagine, we have a virus now that is completely monotonic. Why do we have 99% Delta? Answer: Because Delta is thriving in the nose and mouths of those who are vaccinated. Thriving. Delta is thriving in the vaccinated… These are people in the pre-symptomatic phase” (slide 46 – 47, first source and second source).  

“So, this idea that you’re going to take a [COVID-19] vaccine, and suddenly go into the workplace and you’re not a threat to somebody [is erroneous]. Show them this data,” he said.  

“The vaccinated are just as much a threat to someone else especially if they are starting to come down with symptoms.” 

Americans are ‘absolutely furious at their doctors’ 

McCullough highlighted two papers (here and here) about early treatment for COVID-19. 

“I was honored to be the first author for both of them that basically taught the country, first-off, how to treat COVID-19 early to prevent hospitalization and death,” he said.  

The expert called them “the most important thing I have done in my career.” 

“I have 650 publications in the peer-reviewed literature, but not a single one had this type of worldwide impact,” he continued.  

“These papers have been downloaded and utilized millions and millions of times.” 

Describing all the successful early treatments for COVID-19 and highlighting many of the “hero” doctors who discovered them and were willing to use them, the Texas internist said, “The point is, we have a lot of tools to treat COVID-19 as an outpatient [procedure].” 

He then challenged his listeners to “demand early treatment” from their health care providers and pointed out specific sources where such treatment protocols can be accessed.  

“We can lead off with monoclonal antibodies in the United States,” he said,  

‘We’ve got plenty of them. Demand them,” he continued.  

“Let’s start really, really leaning on our health care administrators. Where are these guys? How come I’m up here and … not the president of Banner [Health in Phoenix, AZ]? Why do you have to have somebody come from out of town, from Dallas, when you’ve got Banner right here in Phoenix, and not a single person can get up in front of you and walk you through how COVID-19 should be treated in your community?” 

McCullough then described the public mood concerning the refusal of doctors to provide early treatment, saying that Americans are “furious” and that doctors who say COVID-19 cannot be treated are “disingenuous.” 

“It’s unethical, it’s immoral, and from a clinical and legal perspective, it’s illegal,” McCullough asserted.   

“That’s actually called ‘failure to treat.’” 

COVID-recovered people should ‘under no circumstances’ get jabbed 

Almost two-thirds of McCullough’s Phoenix audience had already recovered from COVID-19. He gave them the good news, providing a comprehensive source (Slide 62) listing 106 research studies that affirm recovery from the virus bestows naturally acquired immunity. 

 “It’s robust, it’s complete, its durable,” McCullough told his audience.  

“You can’t get it again. it’s one and done. Don’t get faked out on this. The [PCR] tests are intermittently false positive forever (source),” he stated. 

“It’s one and done. Absolutely stand firm on this. You can’t get it again. The vaccine cannot improve upon your natural immunity. You’re done.”  

Further, he provided three studies that show COVID-recovered individuals will “be harmed by the vaccine [if they take it]. You cannot be helped [by a vaccine]. Three studies show harm.” 

“This analysis by [Jennifer] Block in the British Medical Journal (here, slide 64), estimated through May that we probably had 120 million people in the United States who’ve had COVID-19,” he said.  

“The bottom line is she had a lot of expert commentary in this paper demonstrating that those who had a history of COVID-19 were [56%] more likely to experience severe side-effects with the vaccine, including being hospitalized,” he added.  

“Under no circumstances should someone who has had COVID-19, the respiratory illness, go forward and take a vaccine. It’s clinically not indicated, it’s medically not necessary, and I can tell you, this is the best data they have. It’s dangerous to you to take the vaccine. There is no opportunity for benefit and only an opportunity for harm.” 

Workplace vaccine mandates are history’s ‘biggest game of chicken’ 

McCullough addressed COVID jab mandates instituted by employers across the public and private sectors and encouraged his audience to stand firm against coercion. 

Naturally, he is aware that terrible injustices have been done against those who contradict the mainstream COVID narrative. Earlier in the presentation the researcher mentioned that he had recently been stripped of two professorships which he described as “hard to get.”  

“And in order to be removed as a professor, there has to be senate faculty hearings, and presentations and acts of moral turpitude, and everything else,” he explained.  

“There is nothing I am going to present [today] that is close to moral turpitude,” McCullough continued.   

“We’re going to talk about safety and efficacy and scientific concepts, but we’re in an age right now when none of that matters. There is no due process. There is nothing. [You can] be stripped of everything you have because someone else thinks that they can do it to you.” 

He recalled reminding an acquaintance facing job loss for rejecting a COVID-19 vaccine mandate that there was no guarantee he would remain employed if he accepted the injections. McCullough’s friend submitted exemption forms to his employer and received a reply ten minutes later that his exemption request had been declined. In response, he asked them whom his attorney should contact for a “letter of intent to file suit for harassment.” Ten minutes later, he was told that his employer was “happy to accept your exemptions.” 

“This is the biggest game of chicken being played of all time, and let’s see some backbone on this,” McCullough encouraged. 

Resources for resisting such mandates, including materials from attorneys, can be found at the following links: here for Americans, and here for Canadians 

Shots are research; it’s ‘illegal’ for doctors to encourage or discourage injections 

 McCullough explained that, because the COVID vaccines are still “research,” doctors should never have encouraged their patients to—or discouraged them from—taking the vaccine.  

“If I had a research project, and saw a patient, and said, ‘Listen, you should be in my research project,’ do you know I would get called to the IRB [Institutional Review Board]?” he asked.   

“I’d probably get citations against me. It’s illegal for me to do that. It violates the Office of Human Research Protections. I can’t encourage people to [be part of] my research project. The COVID-19 vaccines are research,” he asserted.   

“Nobody had a problem with the vaccines back in January because it was elective. You could do it, or you could not do it. And everybody knew it was research. The only reason we have a problem now is that it is no longer elective.” 

Doctors guilty of ‘willful misconduct’ for neglecting COVID-19 patients 

Saying there needs to be “a nationwide pivot to early COVID-19 treatment at community and academic medical centers,” McCullough emphasized how large medical systems such as “Banner, Harvard, Mayo, Duke, [and] Northwestern” have not “treated a single patient with COVID-19 to prevent hospitalization and death.”  

“They don’t have a single protocol, they haven’t had a single bit of ingenuity, they haven’t attempted to help a single person suffering with [this] illness,” he stated.   

“Now, if [a COVID patient] got hospitalized, they took care of them because they had to.” 

 McCullough asked his hearers to hold their doctors to account.  

“This is a shameful, deplorable, awful time in medical history,” he said.  

“And, you know what? Go out, and remind your doctor of it. And say, ‘Listen, how many have you helped?’ Our doctors need to come out of their trance, and only you can help them.” 

The physician told his audience that his medical colleagues don’t have the courage to look him in the eye. 

“They’re ashamed, they’re fearful, they’re remorseful, [and] they know they’re doing wrong,” he said.   

“Whether it’s overt, or covert, it’s willful misconduct. They know it.” 

Meanwhile, multimillionaire Steve Kirsch has offered $1 million to anyone who can disprove his thesis that more than 100,000 American deaths have been caused by the experimental gene-transfer COVID vaccines. (See another similar $2 million offer, here.) 

“Nobody has come to get 2 million dollars,” McCullough said.  

“That means there is not a single doctor in this country, not a single scientist, not a single official who really thinks the vaccines are safe and efficacious. Why wouldn’t they come and make their case and claim two million dollars?” he asked.  

“Isn’t that an incredible expression of complicity? Of a shameful collusion? And they know they’re wrong.” 

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