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(LifeSiteNews) — In the latest episode of The Bishop Strickland Show, Bishop Joseph Strickland once more called out forced COVID-19 vaccinations, describing how governments, Christian leaders, and others that are pushing the mandates are promoting a tyrannical agenda. He also detailed what the Catholic Church’s official teaching is on the vaccine or other mandates of any kind.

Bishop Strickland discussed with Terry Barber in his weekly show on Virgin Most Powerful Radio the current issue of businesses, employers, colleges and universities, schools, and many others forcing and coercing people to take the COVID jabs. He mentioned that the mandates violate and trample on fundamental ideas of human rights, free will, and freedom of conscience.

The American bishop directly called the government mandates being pushed by “Catholic” Joe Biden’s administration as “tyranny” and “not a legitimate act of the state.” Strickland challenged viewers to question whether to obey these mandates or not. He said that “there have been too many instances in history where people have … rolled over” in the face of totalitarianism.

Bishop Strickland further pointed out that “in the midst of this tragic pandemic … laws that have guided humanity for centuries and have guided this nation for 200 plus years,” were torn away, because of a virus that’s “all very mysterious.” He encouraged people to turn back to the principles of freedom and conscience, and to exercise their God-given free will in accordance with the truth.

Lastly, Strickland made a plea specifically to Catholics: “Do we as Catholics need to just roll over and say, well, the state has mandated this so we’ve got to do it? If it’s unjust? Yes, we owe a certain level of respect and obedience to the state for the common good. But when it violates our own personal conscience and when it violates our ability to be master of our own acts, then we have to say no.”

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