DALLAS, Texas (LifeSiteNews) – This year’s annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which was headlined by speakers President Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, and the current Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban among many others, demonstrated a renewed commitment by conservatives to once again ‘make America great’ and to spread that greatness throughout the world. 

“America is on the edge of an abyss and our movement is the only force on earth that can save it,” said President Trump at the event’s keynote speech.

What we do in the next few months and the next few years will determine whether American civilization will collapse or fail, or whether it will triumph and thrive, frankly, like never before. This is no time for complacency. We cannot be complacent.

Attendees of the event voiced their continued support for Trump, his statements, and the idea of another presidential run. 

“We need Trump back,” said Patrick Madden to LifeSiteNews correspondent Ashley Sadler. “We have got to get the nuclear family back.” 

“You name it, he was right about it,” said another patriotically-festooned, Trump-supporting attendee. 

“He has done more for our organization, our country, and these children, than any other President in history,” concluded one pro-life booth worker.  

Another dominant theme that emerged at the event was an acknowledgment that it was largely due to Trump that the “deep state’s” criminal operations have been — and continue to be — brought to light. 

“Everything got exposed because of the 2020 election,” exclaimed MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell to Sadler.

All the corrupt republicans that were popping up, like Brad Raspberger, some of the biggest criminals this country has ever seen. All of the horrible, horrible news outlets like Fox News, that never talk about this crime in this country, the election, Newsmax…all the conservative media that won’t speak out about the machines and what really took our country.

“And then exposing all the platforms: Zuckerberg’s Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, the list goes on, that were against the people,” Lindell continued. “All of this stuff got exposed because of our great president Donald Trump.” 

Indeed, the view that Trump is a champion of the people, opposing their enemies—big tech and big media—resonated strongly at the event. 

“Fake news is all we get. They are the enemy of people,” said Trump to thunderous applause. “We are a nation where free speech is no longer allowed.” 

Speaking on a panel about the post-Roe world and parental rights, Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life said that Christians must be outspoken if American conservatives want to put the nation back on a trajectory where the fundamental values of freedom and life are authentically respected.

He stated:

When the Church stands up to politicians and parties, ‘Stop killing babies. Stop suppressing the freedom of the Church. Stop indoctrinating our children. Stop destroying our country.’ When the Church stands up and talks about that in the political realm, that’s not the Church being too political. That’s the Church being the Church.

All Christians, said Fr. Pavone, begin their work of transforming the world from a starting-point of victory, the triumph of the cross and resurrection of Christ. 

One of Fr. Pavone’s panel counterparts, Jack Brewer, Chairman of the America First Policy Institute’s program Center for Opportunity Now, inferred that the real transformation of the country will only be achieved when the nation re-aligns its focus on God and His values.

“It’s time to make America great again in the spirit,” he concluded.