OTTAWA, June 2 (LSN) – The current issue of Alberta Report magazine warns of a coming change to Canadian Criminal   Code “Sections 318 and 319, adding ‘sexual orientation' to “colour, race, religion or ethnic origin' as statutory   grounds for hate-crimes prosecutions.”  The article reported on a government funded survey of “gays, lesbians and   bisexuals” being undertaken by the gay activist group Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere (EGALE) which is   expected to cost Canadian taxpayers almost $400,000.  Numerous indicators of a coming change in the law to persecute pro-family Canadians were presented:  —Secretary of State for Multiculturalism and the Status of Women Hedy Fry explained the government’s interest in   the study saying, “If we’re going to look where there are barriers to equality, where there is discrimination,  where there is hate or any of those issues, we need to have good demographics; [the study]will give [the government] the kind of information we needed to form good public policy or amend legislation or to do whatever   is necessary to create…equity.”  —The survey itself contains the following introduction: “With your help, we will be able to use the information   we collect to assist advocacy and community groups, governments and courts to act on the issues that affect our lives.”  —“EGALE’s “principal co-researcher” on the project, Stephen Samis, is a consultant specializing in anti-gay hate   crimes.  —In February, Sylvia MacEachern, editor of the Catholic journal The Orator, endured a two month investigation by   the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Police’s hate-crimes unit after a radio interview in which she objected to a proposed AIDS education program for Catholic schools.  For more details on the EGALE survey see the LSN article TAXPAYERS FOOT THE BILL FOR GAY SURVEY   The Alberta Report article is expected to be online in a few days at: