VANCOUVER, Aug. 26 ( – A criminal investigation has been launched into the handling of a live-born baby after a botched abortion 13 years ago. After she was born alive, Ximena Renaerts was left to die in a bedpan in a room with dead babies, instead of being given the obligatory standard emergency treatment for distressed newborns. Ximena suffered permanent brain damage and lives with an adoptive family. She is a quadriplegic with the mental capacity of a three year old.

A story in the upcoming (August 30) issue of BC Report reveals details onthe investigation and the names of some of the suspects in the case. BC Report notes that a lawyer working on Ximena’s behalf, former B.C. Supreme Court justice Thomas Berger, filed a document with the court last year naming Dr. Kamil Jaroudi, who now practises in Saudi Arabia, and nurse Vera Wood, who is retired, as bearing responsibility in the case.  Last year Ximena was awarded an $8.7 million settlement by Vancouver General Hospital.

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