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Pro-life leaders of 40 Days for Life campaigns in Croatia at a national gathering in Split.
David Brandao

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Croatian pro-life leaders committed to advancing cause

David Brandao

April 28, 2016 (40 Days for Life) -- Leaders of 40 Days for Life campaigns throughout Croatia are fresh from a national gathering in Split, where they were able to reflect on past accomplishments – and look ahead to the continued growth of this outreach in their country.

This is the fourth time these local leaders have gotten together since Ante Caljkusic brought the first 40 Days for Life campaign to Zagreb, Croatia’s capital. It was just two years ago that this initial effort took place, with a peaceful, prayerful vigil in front of Zagreb’s University Hospital Center.

The next time 40 Days for Life was held, six cities participated – and there were 10 locations in the campaign that followed. During the most recent campaign that just ended, 40 Days for Life events were held in 21 Croatian cities, and nine babies were reported saved from abortion.

“Participants have expressed great joy that people all over Croatia recognize the importance of this initiative,” noted one of the leaders. The national gathering “was an opportunity to address the issue of abortion and possible solutions to the residents and believers in Split.”

The group also heard from Archbishop Marin Barišić of Split-Makarsk. He welcomed this “praiseworthy action” and expressed hope that many more young people and families with children will get involved in the prayer.

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The archbishop placed particular emphasis on the ecumenical character of 40 Days for Life, and he encouraged the representatives to commit even more to encouraging all Christian denominations in Croatia to participate. Representatives of the Macedonian Orthodox Church and the Reformed Church have already joined the prayer and fasting.

In thanking the leaders for their efforts and committed struggle to protect the human life and their witness to joy, unity and love, Archbishop Barišić said he will continue to support their efforts and work.

Reprinted with permission from 40 Days for Life.

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