TORONTO, April 26, 2002 ( – CTV television, one of Canada’s largest broadcasting companies, has refused to apologize for an attack against Catholic clergy on its Mike Bullard show. Following the program’s airing April 24, the Catholic Civil Rights League (CCRL) wrote the President of CTV’s parent company Bell Globemedia (which also owns The Globe and Mail) to demand an apology. Ed Robinson, Senior VP of Comedy and Variety Programming at CTV responded to the CCRL saying “sorry you were offended” and going on to defend the defamation of priests saying it was not intended to be taken seriously but as part of a comedic presentation.

CCRL President Thomas Langan has written a letter of complaint to the Canadian broadcast regulators (CRTC). In his letter, Langan referred to the show which reinforced a stereotype of priests as child molesters, “an abusively discriminatory action on the part of the show that was conceived in malice to denigrate and reinforce an abusively discriminatory and negative stereotype.”“If it were a depiction of other visible religious groups, such as a Jewish Rabbi or a Muslim Imam, it would immediately be held up for scorn by other broadcasters and media,” wrote Langan. “Why should all clergy suffer and have to be ridiculed and similarly shamed for the actions of a tiny minority, a minority scientifically proven to be no greater than any other faith group or even society at large,” continued Langan. Stressing the seriousness of the offense Langan said, “An example of disparagement by the media like this we have never witnessed.” The League also filed a complaint with a detective with the Metropolitan Toronto Hate Crimes squad.

CCRL has asked its supporters to contact the CRTC or CTV at the contact numbers below to make it clear that the Bullard show has done more than offend Catholics, it has crossed the line between humour and ridicule and in so doing has unjustly maligned Catholic priests.

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CRTC Secretary General   Ursula Menke t. 819 997-1027

Executive Assistant   Rachel Charron t. 819 997-1027

Mail:  Ursula Menke Secretary-General,  CRTC, Ottawa, ON K1A 0N2 FAX (819) 994-0218 [email protected]

Ivan Fecan CEO, Acting and President CTV 9 Channel Nine Ct.  Toronto, Ontario M1S 4B5, Canada Phone: 416-332-5000 Fax: 416-332-5022

Tom Curzon Vice-President,  Corporate Communications (416) 332-5281 [email protected]

CTV public/media relations Mike Cosentino, CTV at (416) 332-5048, or [email protected]

Anne-Marie La Pointe, CTV at (416) 332-5302 or [email protected]