TORONTO, January 5, 2005 ( – On Wednesday evening at 9 p.m., the CTV television network aired an alleged biography of Canada’s most ballyhooed abortionist and signer of the anti-religious humanist manifesto, Henry Morgentaler. The CTV lionization of the man who helped to change Canada’s abortion laws by flagrantly and repeatedly breaking Canadian criminal law is titled “Choice: The Henry Morgentaler Story.’’ 

Morgentaler has long been a darling of the Canadian establishment, not a challenger of it, as often portrayed in Canada’s media. A former associate of his, now turned pro-life activist, claims that Morgentaler used to boast loudly about how much money he was being given by governments to do his killing work including, as was found after a freedom of information request, $5 million from the Ontario government just for security at his Toronto clinic. 

Morgentaler is currently fending off a $185,000 lawsuit over an alleged botched abortion at his Ottawa clinic. A client alleges that in August 2003, an abortion was performed on her at that site without anesthetic due to an inability to insert an IV. Immediately after the abortion, she claims, she experienced cramping and bleeding, which continued for weeks. The woman was later admitted to an Ottawa hospital to have a placenta and remains of a fetus removed. 

The Morgentaler Files website at documents a number of other transgressions by the famed Canadian abortionist over the years, which have predictably received little if any media attention. These include his improper reuse of medical instruments, his admission that he simply flushes aborted fetuses down the drain, his method of allegedly stuffing a sanitary napkin in a woman’s mouth to stop her from screaming in pain, a $725,000 award against his Halifax clinic for negligence and more. 

This is not the first time CTV has taken a slap at pro-life, pro-family Canadians. In the recent past, it repeatedly aired a biased take on the Marc Hall case which concerned a Catholic high school student who won a court battle to permit him to take a homosexual partner to the school prom, in blatant violation of Catholic moral teachings. That movie was assailed for being deliberately calculated to offend Catholic sensibilities.

CTV has also aired anti-Catholic material on its programs Comedy Inc. and the now-cancelled Mike Bullard Show. In 2000, CTVs W-5 program targeted pro-life crisis-pregnancy centres by sneaking in a hidden-camera-carrying volunteer to the Toronto Aid to Women centre and filming everything going on there for about a week. 

Significantly, CTV is owned by Bell Globemedia, which also owns the Globe and Mail which, in turn, gained notoriety for running a massive spread (penned by rabid pro-abortion feminist Heather Mallick) early in 2003 that clamoured for Morgentaler to be named to the Order of Canada. It appears that Wednesday’s bio-pic is the latest effort by the Bell Globemedia conglomerate to attempt to prop abortionist Morgentaler up to hero status in the eyes of the Canadian public.  According to an Ipsos Reid poll, three-quarters (73 per cent) of young women aged 18-34 in Canada don’t know who Henry Morgentaler is.

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