SAO PAULO, Brazil, December 21, 2011 ( – Although Marxism appears to have died with the fall of the Soviet Union, it has only metamorphosed, and is now threatening culture in many nations at every level, according to one of Brazil’s best known priests.

In an exclusive video interview with LifeSiteNews, Fr. Azevedo tells LifeSiteNews that Marxists have moved into the cultural sphere following the discrediting of their economic views, and are now seeking to subvert all of the institutions of society from within. 

“They have to have control of everything that produces culture. So first of all, the Church is important. But also universities, and schools, newspapers, the media and such. And of course in that battle they are in, they have everything in their hands right now,” Azevedo told LifeSiteNews. However, he added, we must realize that “God is with us.”

According to Azevedo, cultural Marxism not only incorporates the premises of Marx, but also Nietzsche and Freud. The goal is nothing less than the destruction of western civilization at its roots. Out of this destruction, we are assured, a utopia will emerge.

Among the institutions targeted for termination, said Azevedo, is the family.

“They think that the family is oppression, so once you have a family, that means you have a man, the male is oppressing the woman, and oppressing the kids, because he is imposing on them,” Azevedo said.

“So once you have a traditional family, you have a the man as ruler of the family and they think they have to break that down, and to have an equal society, you have to have people grow up in a different environment.”

In Brazil, the country with the largest Catholic population in the world, Marxists have targeted the Church, and large numbers of priests and bishops have embraced an ideology that replaces the spiritual teachings of Christ with a Marxist imitation known as “liberation theology.”

“Now what they are trying to do is to get to Christianity and change it from the inside,” said Azevedo. “So they keep the religious words, but they change the concept inside of the word.”

“When they talk about the kingdom of God, we as Christians, when we talk about the kingdom of God, we believe that you are talking about the kingdom of heaven, so you are talking about something that is not here in this world.”

“Well, they start saying that we are working here for the kingdom of God, and we want to bring about the kingdom here in this world. So in reality what they are talking about is the socialist society that they dream, the utopia that they think is going tho happen, is the kingdom of God.”

“They use the same words. It sounds like something Catholic, like something Christian, but at the same time you realize there is something strange about it, because there is something missing, and what is missing is everything that relates to the transcendental, to heaven, to life after death. Everything they do is they apply here on Earth.”

This rejection of spiritual realities is coupled with the exaltation of man as Nietzsche’s “superman,” who can determine good and evil for himself, as the serpent promised in the Garden of Eden, Azevedo said.

Citizens of Brazil and the United States are disarmed in the face of cultural Marxism, said Azevedo, because they naively believe that Marxism died with the fall of the Soviet Union.

“We are really before a monster that is destroying everything we hold dear, everything that we hold precious and sacred,” he said.

Fr. Azevedo is well-known in Brazil for his clear explanations and firm defense of the Catholic faith, which he presents in his television show for the New Song (Cancao Nova) network, as well as his blog, Christo Nihil Praeponere (Placing Nothing Before Christ)