PRAGUE, July 24, 2012, ( – Several groups in the Czech Republic are organizing pro-life, pro-family counter-demonstrations to take place at the same time as the “gay pride festival” scheduled for August 18th.

The pro-family group Akce DOST (Action ENOUGH) is organizing a march for the “Defense of the Pride of Normal People” in response to the “Prague Pride 2012” event.

Michal Semín, chairman of DOST said that the counter-protest was initiated as a response to “the sharply confrontational nature” of the promotion of “intolerant homosexual ideology.”

“The decision made by Prague Pride to hold their march this year at the monument of St. Wenceslas on Wenceslas Square can hardly be understood otherwise than as an attempt to induce confrontation,” Semín stated.

The “Defense of the Pride of Normal People” march will take place on Saturday, August 18th at 10 a.m. on Wenceslas Square.

“Akce DOST invites you to participate not only as supporters of the traditional family and social values, but as someone who considers sex life to be an intimate area” who believes its depiction “does not belong on the streets,” a statement reads.

DOST has been joined by the nation’s pro-life movement and a leader in the Roman Catholic Church.

“Homosexual ideology is now being used as a battering ram to destroy of the institution of the family, freedom and the nation,” Radim Uchac, the president of Hnuti Pro Zivot (The Movement for Life), stressed. He said in his country the normalization of homosexuality “is ever more ruthlessly imposed on citizens from early childhood.”

“Freedom of thought is aggressively trampled on by homosexual activists who accuse anyone who has a different opinion of having hatred. Honesty, pride and morality of the nation are systematically destroyed by disdain of natural moral law and by mocking God. The breakdown of the moral code then prevents the nation from being justly governed,” Uchac stated.

Hnuti Pro Zivot stated that not only does it welcome social protests against Prague Pride, but challenges politicians, and especially the media, not to abuse their positions and to inform the public about this issue objectively and help society appreciate the role of family for the further development of the nation.

“Hnuti Pro Zivot supports efforts to restore respect for families and restore their natural roles. Only healthy families can guarantee freedom and hope in the education of future generations,” Uchac said, adding that the group also offers help to those suffering from homosexual attraction and desire professional help so they may free themselves from this behavior.

Following the “Defense of the Pride of Normal People” protest, the third annual “March for the Family,” organized by the Association of Young Christian Democrats under the auspices of the Cardinal Archbishop of Prague, Dominik Duka, will begin at noon.

“We find it disturbing when some in society talk only about homosexual rights, while no one is defending the traditional interests of the majority, of the family,” said the chairman of the Young Christian Democrats, Peter Jurčík.” The aim of organizing this year’s March for the Family, as in previous years, is the need to highlight…the interests of the traditional family.”

The organizers of the March for the Family ask participants to gather on the corner of Washington and Political Prisoners avenues at 12 p.m. in downtown Prague. The March will proceed from Fruit Market square, through the Coal Market and end at the Church of St. Giles where a prayer service will be held.

Further information is available on the Hnuti Pro Zivot website.