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Freedom Convoy at Parliament Hill, January 29YouTube/screenshot

OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) – The truckers’ Freedom Convoy has now arrived in Ottawa, with a rally expected to kick-off at Parliament Hill from 12pm. 

Many truckers arrived in the Canadian capital Friday, parking their semis in a long line from parliament, with beeping horns heard downtown for much of the evening, and even winning some thumbs up from the police.

The truckers also took the time to hoist the Canadian flag last night, in what promises to be an emotional few days for those who love their country.

One of the most encouraging aspects of the past week for organizers has been the number of people lining the long roads to Ottawa, showing their support for the truckers’ quest for freedom.  

Some of the trucks bore messages which Justin Trudeau might find a little offensive, while footage for our French speakers demonstrates that Quebec is firmly on board. (One of the signs has strong language.)


The footage below was taken while the convoy was still in Saskatchewan, as miles and miles of trucks made their way through the Prairies on Tuesday, with thousands more trucks joining the convoy since not only in Manitoba, Ontario, but also from the east of the country, and even from the U.S. The convoy itself is believed to be over 40 miles long with trucks numbered by the tens of thousands.

This was the scene on Parliament Hill earlier this morning as truckers woke up to growing crowds and belated media attention, with the world now watching Ottawa in this war of wills amid the demonstration for freedoms which have been stripped away in Canada over the past two years. 

It appears history is being written, and, with the record for the world’s longest convoy sure to be broken already, the convoy might earn itself a place in the Guiness Book of Records.

The record was last broken with a 7.5km convoy in Egypt in 2020, but even the Toronto Sun were reporting by Wednesday that this convoy is much bigger, with reporters and organizers speculating that it’s around 70km long, nearly ten times longer than 2020’s record-breaking convoy.  

Whether the truckers are successful in having the vaccine mandates and passports thrown on the scrap heap of history remains to be seen, but it’s clear they have awoken a sleeping giant from the dead cold of a Canadian winter.   

LifeSiteNews will have special coverage of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa throughout the day.  


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Here was the scene in Pembroke, Ontario yesterday as LifeSite’s John-Henry Westen interviewed families supporting the truckers.