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(LifeSiteNews) — Canadian dad Chris Elston, an activist working to expose the extremism of the transgender movement and the dangers of “sex changes” for kids, blasted a new proposed Ontario NDP bill that, if passed, would ban protesting within 100 meters of drag queen story times or other “2SLGBTQI+” designated events.

“Have fun trying to stop me from walking within 100 metres of a drag queen story hour. I’d be thrilled to get arrested, fined 25K, and then embarrass you in court,” Elston tweeted last Wednesday.

Last week, the NDP Party, which is the province’s official opposition, introduced a bill that would in effect ban anyone from protesting within 100 meters of drag queen story times or other “2SLGBTQI+” designated events.

Bill 94, known as “Keeping 2SLGBTQI+ Communities Safe Act, 2023” was tabled by NDP MPP Kristyn Wong-Tam.

Those found to have performed an act of “intimidation” would be fined up to $25,000.

The bill has been blasted as an attempt to normalize “institutionalized grooming.”

In Vancouver last week during a “Transgender Day of Visibility” rally, Elston was grabbed by the throat, thrown to the ground and punched for opposing gender ideology.

Elston was not done speaking out against transgender extremism, however.

“These raging communist queer theorists lack the intelligence of a flea. Try to censor normal, non-perverse Canadian parents and enjoy your ride into political obscurity,” he tweeted.

“All these actions will backfire spectacularly. I love it.”

In a recent interview with People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier, Elston noted that there are only two sexes, man and woman, and gender ideology targeting kids must come to a “stop.”

“They’re called girls and boys, and they’re beautiful just as they are. And we shouldn’t be blocking puberty in children and giving them the wrong sex hormones and doing surgeries,” Elston noted.

“But tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of kids worldwide are getting caught up in this now medically. And we need to put a stop to it.”

Elston added that what is needed regarding transgender extremism is to “tell the truth about what’s going on because the truth spreads for free.”

“The left has a lot of money and organization behind them, but we have the truth and we’re winning and we’re going to keep winning. And I know that parents, especially when they figure out what’s going on, they’re not okay with this,” he said.

“So, everyone has got to use their own gifts and skill sets to do something. But they can get involved in school boards, they can go to school board meetings and speak up. They can talk to their teachers and principals because most of those teachers and principals aren’t in favor of this either. But this is all being pushed from the very top.”

As for the recent assault against Elston by radical trans activists, the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) will now investigate in response to public pressure.

Some Vancouver police officers stood by, laughed at the attack, and refused to act on the assault, according to Elston.

Elston was wearing a billboard that read “Children cannot consent to puberty blockers.”

He took to social media soon after being assaulted and claimed that police stood by and refused to offer him any protection from the mob of transgender activists.

He then threatened that he would take legal action against the Vancouver Police Department as a result.

Elston said after talking with an officer, identified as Frederike Buchmann, to report his assault that she seemed to not want to help him.

“I think it’s best not to incite violence right now” the officer said in response to Elston.

The officer then suggested that it was Elston who incited the violence by “forcing his opinions on people.”

Two weeks ago, while Canadians opposed to radical gender ideology’s ability to protest dwindled as some cities banned protesting drag queen story times, “transgenders” gathered with the blessing of the federal government in Toronto and other cities for “International Transgender Day of Visibility.”

Some Canadian cities, such as Calgary, Alberta, have gone as far as passing bylaws that ban protesting against drag queen story hours or any other “LGBTQ” events held at public facilities.

This came after Calgary pastor Derek Reimer was jailed and charged for protesting a children’s drag queen story hour at a public library a few weeks ago in the city, at which he was assaulted. He was released from a Calgary jail after he decided to sign bail papers to take care of an urgent medical condition.

However, last week, Reimer was arrested again and is currently in jail waiting new bail hearings.