August 21, 2011 ( – A prominent left-wing American political blog has come under fire after publishing one writer’s quip that the world needs “a global superplague” because “there are too many goddam people already.” Daily Kos contributor Jon Stafford’s August 10 post, in which Stafford described himself as “Not Pro-Choice, Pro-Abortion,” drew immediate attention in the blogosphere.

While Stafford said that his remarks are partly “facetious,” he went on to say, “nevertheless there is a seed of truth in it, because I believe that the world is wildly overpopulated and that we must take steps as a society to reduce it. 

“This will undoubtedly be met with accusations of callousness, but we would could really use is a global superplague.  The Black Death may have been horrible, but without it there would never have been a Renaissance.”

In the same blog post Stafford stated his belief in legalizing marijuana and homosexual “marriage” and his radical atheism. Just one day earlier, Stafford had said, “Rick Perry scares me.  Michele Bachmann too.  Not because they are crazy (although they are), but because they are charismatic and crazy. Because they tap into a strain of crazy that runs deep and strong in this country, a Christian fanaticism that is every bit as ugly as its Islamic counterpart.  And every bit as destructive.”

Commenting on Stafford’s post, Population Research Institute President Steven Mosher said, “The world is by no stretch of the imagination, overpopulated.”

“Anyone who argues that the Black Death, which decimated Europe’s population for a hundred years, was a good thing, needs counseling,” Mosher said. “When did it come to be ‘socially liberal’ to espouse genocide?  I thought that the Left was supposed to be opposed to such things?” 

“Of course,” Mosher continued, Stafford “may think that by not identifying a particular group to be eliminated, he escapes the charge of genocide, but I don’t think so. The history of population control program is replete with examples of the majority ethnic, religious, class, etc., group using abortion, sterilization and contraception to reduce the numbers of the minority group.  So, in practical terms, population control is genocide.”

In an interview with LifeSiteNews, American Life League President Judie Brown said, “On a practical matter having nothing to do with the avowed atheist, ‘overpopulation’ is not a problem at all.”

“The real problem is corrupt governments bloated with funds that are donated for the specific purpose of aiding the poor that never get to the poor,” Brown said. “The real problem is politics gone awry.  You might summarize it as selfishness.”