March 10, 2014 ( – In a shift from his previous remarks that criticized homosexual sexual actions as “sexual misconduct,” the exiled spiritual leader of Tibet told talk show host Larry King that gay sex and same-sex “marriage” are “OK” as long as they don't violate the precepts of one's religion.

In an interview on Ora TV's Larry King Now, the Dalai Lama said that while people should follow their own religion's rules on sexuality, for those with no faith, it's an individual's own business.

To King's question about his thoughts on “the whole emerging gay question,” the Dalai Lama said, “That, I think, is a personal matter. Of course, you see, people who have belief or who have special traditions, then you should follow according to your own tradition. Like Buddhism, there are different kinds of sexual misconduct, so you should follow properly.”

“But then for a non-believer, that is up to them. So there are different forms of sex—so long as it is safe, OK, and if they fully agree, OK. But bullying, abuse, that is wrong. That’s a violation of human rights.”


King asked the Dalai Lama about his view of same-sex “marriage.” The Buddhist spiritual leader replied, “That’s up to the country's law.”

King pressed him for what he personally thought about the issue.

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“That’s OK. I think it’s individual business,” the Dalai Lama said. “If two people—a couple—really feel that way is more practical, more sort of satisfaction, both sides fully agree, then OK.”

In previous interviews and statements the Dalai Lama said that Buddhism opposes homosexual acts as “sexual misconduct.”

In an interview with the Vancouver Sun in 2004, the Buddhist leader said, “For a Buddhist, the same sex, that is sexual misconduct.”

The Dalai Lama stated, “they use the mouth and the anus, this is sexual misconduct in Buddhism.” 

He also noted that the restrictions on sexual activity applied even outside the homosexual context to heterosexual and even married couples. “Even as a heterosexual context. Even if one uses one’s own hand this is sexual misconduct. So if you are a genuine believer, then you must avoid this,” he said.

On the Larry King Show the Dalai Lama appears to have weakened his position on homosexuality, although, according to a Telegraph report, no predominantly Buddhist nation endorses homosexuality or allows same-sex “marriage.”