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SAN FRANCISCO, November 4, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — David Daleiden testified on his fourth and final day on the witness stand that the Texas Texas Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast abortion clinic planned to “move forward” on a deal he pitched to them as an undercover investigator to buy aborted baby livers from them for $750 each.

On Day 13 of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America vs. Center for Medical Progress federal civil trial, Daleiden confirmed that before CMP released its undercover videos in July 2015 that he went to 10 law enforcement agencies, both state and federal, with evidence of violent crimes — including babies killed by vivisection — committed by the organ harvesting industry.

The young mastermind behind the sting operation that exposed Planned Parenthood trafficking in aborted baby parts further testified that his fictitious fetal tissue procurement company, BioMax, designed a brochure that included a “specifically criminal transaction over fetal body parts,” which was “a per-volume kickback based on the number of body parts sold.” 

Daleiden did so in order “to test the plaintiffs' reaction and engagement with a business proposal of that nature,” he said.

Only Dr. Mary Gatter, a longtime abortionist at Planned Parenthood Pasadena who was shown in the CMP videos haggling over the price of aborted baby body parts and quipping that she wanted a Lamborghini, “wanted to make sure that she would still get her per-specimen fee based on that language,” he testified.

“But that was the only question we got about it.” 

Planned Parenthood Federation of America and 10 affiliates are accusing Daleiden, CMP investigative reporters Sandra Merritt and Adrian Lopez, and founding board members Albin Rhomberg, and Troy Newman of Operation Rescue of 15 crimes, including Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization violations and illegal taping. The abortion giant is seeking damages in potentially millions of dollars. 

The defense is arguing that California law allows covert taping of confidential information when gathering evidence of violent crimes against the person and that the law does not regard conversations that can be overheard as confidential. Further, the federal law against recording confidential conversations only applies if the recordings are done for the purpose of committing a further crime or tort.

Moreover, they argue that the citizen journalists were exercising their First Amendment rights, and are not legally liable for any alleged damages, or for the public outrage resulting from the publication of the videos. 

Indeed, the CMP investigation could be the catalyst that will overturn Roe v. Wade, says well-known pro-life activist Joe Scheidler in an analysis of the trial posted by the Thomas More Society, one of the five pro-life legal groups representing Daleiden and the other defendants. 

“I admire David so much and what he’s doing. We should have done much earlier,” said Scheidler, who is known the “godfather of the pro-life movement” and was himself charged with RICO in a court case that lasted 28 years, went to the Supreme Court three times, and prompted Tom Brejcha to found Thomas More Society.

Daleiden’s investigation is changing public perception of abortion by making it “much more real to the common man,” and showing “the country that we are actually, we’re monsters,” Scheidler said. 

“When you start using parts of babies and beating hearts and brains and sending livers and kidneys and things around the country… the country hears about that and they know that something’s very, very bad.”

Planned Parenthood lawyer Rhonda Trotter spent most of Thursday trying to undermine the 2000 20/20 exposé of a Kansas Planned Parenthood abortionist, who boasted to the ABC undercover investigator that he was projecting potential profits of $50,000 a week selling aborted baby body parts, and which Daleiden said was one of the sources informing his belief that he needed to investigate the black market in fetal organs.

Trotter pointed out that the whistleblower in the 20/20 exposé, Dean Alberty, signed an affidavit for his 2000 testimony to Congress stating he had no personal knowledge of an abortion clinic profiting from the sale of fetal organs, or the medical knowledge to know if abortion procedures were changed to harvest intact fetal organs.

On cross-examination by his lawyer, Charles LiMandri, Daleiden testified that Alberty had “been induced” to sign the affidavit but “never recanted” his “sworn testimony to Congress; that he had seen 24-week-old twins drowned in the Planned Parenthood in Kansas and that sometimes he cut open the chests of fetuses and saw that their hearts were still beating when he was harvesting from them.” 

Moreover, the 20/20 exposé features James Bardsley talking about donating special syringes for the abortion procedures so they could get better fetal tissue, and Bardsley “helped train Linda Tracy, the founder of Advanced Bioscience Resources that works with plaintiffs Planned Parenthood of Pacific Southwest,” Daleiden said. 

Daleiden testified that CMP did not splice any videos to make it appear abortionists and fetal organ harvesting personnel saying things they didn’t, and always released the entire taped conversations to forestall accusations that it was misrepresenting what was said.

That didn’t stop Planned Parenthood from labeling the CMP videos immediately after their release as false and misleadingly edited.

“Are you proud of the work you did for CMP with this undercover investigation?” LiMandri asked Daleiden.

“Yes, I am,” Daleiden answered. “Because we documented and exposed these plaintiffs’ trafficking in fetal body parts.”

Earlier in the trial, the jury saw a video deposition of Deb VanDerhei, the national director of the Consortium of Planned Parenthood Abortion Providers who in a CMP video named Northern California, Mar Monte and Los Angeles Planned Parenthood abortion clinics as selling fetal organs for profit.

VanDerhei insisted with “100 percent accuracy” her conversation with then-undercover Daleiden at a Planned Parenthood conference could not be overheard by other conference attendees.

But in the video of the conversation, a woman at an adjoining booth, Lisa David, signals to Daleiden in conjunction with what VanDerhei is saying. Further, Daleiden testified on cross-examination by Catherine Short of the Life Legal Defense Foundation that as soon as VanDerhei walked away, David told Daleiden the topic of their conversation was fascinating and asked more questions about it.  

Jurors also watched a video deposition of Phil Cronin, a former public prosecutor who was BioMax’s agent for service of process. Cronin testified that he saw absolutely nothing wrong with CMP investigators going undercover.

For full transcript of October 31 proceedings, go here.