CARBONDALE, Ill, Nov 16 ( – Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire, the UN commanding officer in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide has been forbidden by the Canadian Ministry of Defence to speak at a conference in Illinois on how the killings could have been prevented. 

The National Post reports that while Dallaire agreed to speak at the conference in June, he canceled on orders from his superiors. 

The barring of Dallaire’s firsthand information is becoming commonplace as his revelations strongly suggest the complicity of the United Nations in the Rwandan massacre. During the Belgian parliamentary inquiry into Rwanda, Secretary General Kofi Annan refused to allow Dallaire to testify before the Belgian parliamentary investigation team. In May of last year,  during the trial of a former village mayor who called Dallaire to testify, Dallaire was ordered by Annan to remain silent about the UN’s refusal to go ahead with plans to halt the massacre. 

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With files from the National Post.