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DALLAS (Live Action) — A church in Dallas, Texas, with a history of supporting the abortion industry is in the news again after opening a pregnancy resource center that aims to promote abortion.

In a story by KERA News, the First Unitarian Church of Dallas says it is opening its PRC to “counter anti-abortion mis-information.”

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Called the “Truth Pregnancy Resource Center,” the facility will purportedly offer women items expected at a traditional PRC, such as maternity and baby items, STD testing, pregnancy tests, and more. But, unlike most PRCs, it will also provide women with information and help to end their preborn children’s lives.

“I’ve always kind of struggled with this idea that we’re just not going to speak about abortion care,” said T.J. FitzGerald, the minister of community care and engagement at the church. “When someone comes through our doors, and they have access to the internet and are aware they can travel [outside of Texas for abortion], they should not be journeying through that process alone.”

Though FitzGerald says that women will be offered abortion information as one of many options, the First Unitarian Church of Dallas has a storied history of promoting abortion, which makes one wonder if abortion information won’t in fact play a more prominent role. In fact, the church’s senior minister and CEO, Daniel Kanter, is a board member of the Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas Board of Trustees. In his leadership role, Kanter has appeared to make the promotion of abortion one of his primary goals.

In 2021, the First Unitarian Church of Dallas, a member of the association of Unitarian Universalist congregations which does not hold to any Christian creeds, was one of a group of churches that combined to form the “Reproductive Freedom Congregations,” which trained pastors to promote abortion. In order to receive a designation as a participating church, churches had to vote to affirm legal abortion as a positive moral good in society. According to a website describing the group’s purpose, “We are here to say abortion is a blessing” (emphasis original).

These congregations “publicly affirm three principles,” which are as follows (emphasis original):

  • We trust and respect women and people who can become pregnant.
  • We promise that people who attend our congregation will be free from stigma, shame, or judgment for their reproductive decisions, including abortion.
  • We believe access to comprehensive and affordable reproductive health services, including abortion, is a moral and social good.

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It stands to reason that any pregnancy center founded by a church which publicly claims killing preborn children is “a moral and social good” will not hesitate to promote it to women who visit. (Interestingly, the website says nothing about parenting or adoption being upheld as moral and social goods.)

Case in point: the very same Dallas church is also involved in a program that flies low-income women from Texas to New Mexico for abortion, not merely informing women about where to get an abortion, but facilitating it.

In defending his role in flying women for abortion, Kanter claimed that pro-life protections for preborn human beings are simply a “war on the poor.”

“The resources they have to get access to what I consider a fundamental right, to terminate a pregnancy and control their bodies, is limited by their position in society, which is why this whole thing is a war on the poor,” he said previously.

In reality, it would seem that eradicating the children of the economically disadvantaged is not the best way to offer aid.

The pregnancy center’s opening is yet another way for this particular church to promote the killing of preborn human beings under the guise of humanitarianism.

“It’s about the opportunity to do good in the world, to have a church say that this issue around reproductive dignity matters,” Kanter told The Dallas Morning News of the center’s opening.

Despite these claims, there is nothing dignified nor caring in helping women to kill their own children while they are still in the womb. Abortion is a violent act in which the preborn child is deprived of nutrients, suctioned apart, dismembered limb by limb, or poisoned to death. The child’s body is then discarded as medical waste. (So much for “dignity” for the least of these.)

There is no church that should help a mother do this to her child, and then call that deliberate homicide “good.” This is the shedding of innocent blood – something about which Scripture is clear.

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Traditional PRCs, however, are an indispensable lifeline in helping women who feel like they are without hope, or who already feel pressured into abortion by people in their lives, or even by their circumstances.

Many mothers have spoken out in praise and thanksgiving for the good work done by life-affirming pregnancy centers in helping them keep and raise their children. Women don’t need yet another organization telling them that killing their babies is their best way to succeed. They need a helping hand and a church that will lift them up and support them – and their equally human, equally valuable preborn babies, also created by God – in their time of need.

Reprinted with permission from Live Action.