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(LifeSiteNews) — The husband of one of the nurses forced out of a job in New York state over the COVID jab mandate told LifeSiteNews that “the damage is done,” even if “we’re going to fight it in court and somehow overturn it.”

“[Even if we win in court] my point is it doesn’t matter, you’ve destroyed the lives of the nurses in the meantime,” he stressed.

Lewis County General Hospital (where his wife worked) shut down the maternity ward on September 25 due to staff shortages exacerbated by the essentially coerced “resignation” of the unvaccinated.

At least 94,000 healthcare workers in New York state are facing termination for refusing to receive the jab, leading Gov. Kathy Hochul to declare a state of emergency Monday, allowing her to call in the National Guard to replace removed workers.

According to the husband, his wife had come across many vitriolic comments and threats from people on the internet, including statements by people who advocate to track down and destroy the lives of workers who lost, or will lose, their jobs for standing up to the state’s vaccine discrimination policy.

In explaining his wife’s side of the story, the husband informed LifeSite that staff shortages have been a consistent problem for “years” in New York state, and these new discriminatory directives will only further “exacerbate” the already pressing issue.

He continued by saying that even if all the maternity staff at Lewis County General Hospital were to have complied and gotten the jab, the ward would still have been required to shut down because the more “essential” departments like the “emergency” department are desperate for workers, and workers from “non-essential” departments like the maternity ward are being poached to fill the urgent vacancies.

In addition to the social ramifications, the husband mentioned that the financial ramifications are possibly even more devastating to many of the now jobless medical professionals.

“Because this is a county hospital, these are state employees,” he said. “It’s not like a non-vaccinated medical professional can just go somewhere else; you’ve destroyed the career of the medical professionals because this is a statewide mandate.”

“Even if they could go somewhere else, they’ve lost their state retirement,” he explained. “Many of these women were willing to work at a local hospital for less money because they knew they were going to get a state retirement, that has all been destroyed now.”

The husband stressed that the mainstream media and his wife’s ex-employer, Lewis County General Hospital, will never admit that “at least one doctor” is among the 165 Lewis County staff deciding not to be injected.

He hinted that excluding to mention that doctors are some of the people against the state mandate is the media’s way of framing the story to suggest to the public that only the “less educated” professionals, such as nurses, are against forced vaccination.

“This is just some of the things we are dealing with in this one-party state, where conservatives and Christians have just no, no influence on their government,” he lamented. “This is happening here, and this is probably one of the most conservative counties in the state, like this is the last bastion of hope, Lewis County, for New York, and it has been destroyed in one fell-swoop.”

When asked about the potential for religious exemptions, the husband told LifeSite that the process was designed to be as difficult as possible, and involved a series of invasive questions he referred to as “repugnant.”

“No sooner did my wife and I kind of work through and say, ‘Okay, here’s going to be our plan to request a religious exemption, and we were going to use the NCBC (National Catholic Bioethics Center) template for her,’ they took away [religious exemptions] as an option,” he outlined. “And of course, that spurred on the St. Thomas More Society lawyers to sue [which led the court to rule that religious exemptions were allowed].”

“[But] imagine being told about the mandate, having to deal with that emotional thing, then being told there is no religious exemption, then being told there is, but it’s so close to the deadline you have to scramble and put something together, all the while the forms are [intentionally] making it very difficult for you,” the husband said.

Expressing gratitude for the work being done in the courts on behalf of the religious objectors to the mandate, the husband emphasized that although that is “well and good,” in many respects, the “damage is [already] done.”

“New York state is, for all intents and purposes, a one-party state,” he said. “This is entirely imposed on us by the Democrats and big cities, all the big cities, Albany and New York City specifically, and we have no recourse.”

“I appreciate that Judge Hurd said, ‘Oh no, here’s a temporary restraining order while we work this out’ … but my point is that it doesn’t matter, you’ve destroyed the lives of the nurses in the meantime,” he reiterated.

The husband referenced the importance of “Catholic moral theology,” which explains that a person ought not cooperate with evil, even if there is a perceived good attached to doing so. He believes, in accordance with Catholic teaching, that the CEO has a moral duty to protect his workers from unjust and illegal government demands, and should in turn have refused to have any “participation” in the implementation of the medical apartheid.

Addressing likeminded people, he stressed the point that “conservatives” need to stop being “failures” and start “conserving” instead of capitulating to demands from “the left,” citing that over the past ten years in particular, these concessions have been steadily “destroying America.”

Gov. Hochul, a radically pro-abortion Democrat, used an odd amount of religious language to promote the reception of the abortion-tainted vaccines to a group of Christians in Brooklyn on Sunday. “I need you to be my apostles,” Hochul said. “I need you to go out and talk about it and say, ‘We owe this to each other. We love each other.’”