ALBERTA, Aug.17 ( – In its Aug. 9 issue Alberta Report magazine analyses the implications of the planned UN sponsored Canada-wide youth “vote” that is scheduled to take place November 19. All youth under 18 will be asked to vote for their most important right from a list supplied by Elections Canada on behalf of the UN.

The UN seems to feel that Canada has become sufficiently conditioned for it to be its guinea pig in this first ever in the world mass youth propaganda exercise. Also, Alberta Report states “Critics… fear that Elections Canada is evolving from a supposedly neutral agency into a vehicle for indoctrinating children in the UN’s highly controversial social policies”.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which was never approved or even debated by Parliament or any provincial legislatures, is the focus of the bizarre “vote” exercise. That Convention is being used by UN bureaucrats to berate countries to outlaw corporal punishment by parents and to remove the authority of parents to withdraw their children from explicit sex-ed programs in schools. The magazine article reports that UN bureaucrats have even criticized the Vatican “because ‘the spirit of the convention’ was not reflected in the curricula in Catholic schools”.

Richard Wilkins, international law expert and professor of law is quoted: “This whole debate is not about children having rights. It’s about who is going to mold each new generation.”  On one side are parents and, in some cases, their chosen churches. The opposing contenders,  he says, are hired hands in government bureaucracies, themselves pressured by social workers,  feminists, homosexuals and other special interest lobbies”.

It appears the UN and its Canadian friends in high place have taken their cue from other revolutionary movements that successfully propagandized impressionable youth, separated them from their parents and turned them into enthusiastic vanguards of the movements. One naturally calls to mind the Communist Youth, Nazi Youth and China’s Red Guards.