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Alberta premier Danielle Smith speaking to reporters at the Canada Strong and Free Networking Conference in April 2024True North/X

Tell your MP and Senators to ban mutilating surgery for gender-confused children

OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — While still endorsing some aspects of gender ideology, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith again publicly defended her province’s forthcoming ban on the “transitioning” of children at an Ottawa conference this past weekend. 

On April 12, Smith told attendants of the Canada Strong and Free Networking Conference in the nation’s capital of Ottawa that she stands by her government’s forthcoming pro-family policies which would ban so-called “puberty blockers” and irreversible “gender reassignment” surgeries for children, but still indicated her support for some aspects of the harmful ideology behind the practices she is seeking to ban .  

“First and foremost, I want to emphasize that these policies are founded on principles of love and respect for every individual regardless of their gender identity,” Smith began. 

“One of the most sacred responsibilities that we hold as parents, as teachers, as elected leaders, as community leaders is to nurture and guide children as they grow into adulthood,” she continued.     

During a fireside chat with True North journalist Andrew Lawton, Smith defended her government’s decision to protect kids, explaining, “The left says they believe in science. This is what science looks like.”

Smith also discussed the province’s plan to ban men from entering women’s private spaces by claiming to be the opposite gender.  

Smith did cave to the ideology of the LGBT movement at one point, however, saying, “I think the issue is modesty. If you have not been fully transitioned, then you shouldn’t be exposing yourself in female-only spaces.”  

While Smith did succumb to using the LGBT movement’s language and at least implicitly endorsed the idea that a person can change their gender, her government has introduced what could become the strongest pro-family legislation in Canada, promising to protect kids from life-altering so-called “top and bottom” surgeries as well as other forms of “medical” interventions promoted by transgender ideology such as sterilizing puberty blockers.    

Tell your MP and Senators to ban mutilating surgery for gender-confused children