VATICAN, July 31, 2003 ( – A little noticed feature of the Vatican’s recent document on homosexual unions is the publication date.  The last line of the document notes that while approved by the Pope on March 28, 2003 it was published “June 3, 2003, Memorial of Saint Charles Lwanga and his Companions, Martyrs.”  The date holds significance since the martyrs were killed in the 1800’s in Uganda by then King Mwanga for interfering with the homosexual activities of the King.  King Mwanga was a violent ruler and sexual abuser who forced himself on the young boys and men who served him as pages and attendants. The Christians at Mwanga’s court tried to protect the pages from King Mwanga. One of the martyr’s, Joseph Mkasa, confronted Mwanga and condemned his immoral sexual behaviour.  Even after the King ordered his execution Mkasa sent a final plea urging the King to repent of his wickedness, warning him that he was jeopardizing his eternal salvation.  The growing number of conversions among the King’s pages infuriated the King since they would no longer participate in his immoral sexual acts.  In all, 22 Catholic converts accepted death rather than renounce their Catholic faith.  See the story of the Ugandan martyrs from Catholic online at: