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TORONTO, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — The daughter of Ontario Premier Doug Ford slammed vaccine and mask mandates in a series of videos on social media — policies her own father has implemented provincewide.

“Is anyone questioning why Israel, their studies, are finding that natural immunity is 13x more effective than the [vaccines]?” Krista Ford asked rhetorically. “Or are you just going to line up and get your booster shots in a few months?”

In support of Ford’s claims, an August 24 study out of Israel discovered that natural immunity was a whopping 27 times more effective than COVID-19 vaccines at reducing infection rates, decreasing the severity of symptoms, and preventing hospitalization.

In response to the study, Harvard Medical School professor Martin Kulldorff said “vaccine mandates are not only scientific nonsense, they are also discriminatory and unethical.”

In addition to her scientifically substantiated claims about the lack of vaccine efficacy, Krista Ford went on to imply that the vaccines are harmful to the population.

“In September of 2020 when very few had the [vaccine] in their system, deaths were actually lower than in September of 2021, when apparently a very large portion of the global population has been double dosed,” she stated. “Why are more people dying now? Is it because the ‘strains’ are really that more deadly?”

On September 21, the U.S. reported over 1,900 daily COVID deaths. On the same date in 2020, there were only 281 deaths associated with COVID.

In Canada, similar trends have been noticed, as well. On September 24, 2020, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported just three cases of the flu-like virus in Windsor, Ontario. On the same date, last Friday, the CBC reported a staggering 33 cases in the exact same area.

This is despite a zero percent vaccination rate in Windsor last September, and over two thirds of the population fully vaccinated this year.

Ford explained how the arrival of dictatorial measures, such as vaccine discrimination passports for businesses and employment, are the result of compliance and cowardice from the public.

“When I posted in May or June of last year about the upcoming mask mandates and [instructed people to] not comply, this is why I wanted people, urged people, not to comply,” expressed Ford. “We could have put our foot down, collectively, and we didn’t.”

“That was the stepping stone to the [vaccine] passports,” she continued.

Talking about what the future holds, Premier Ford’s daughter aired her suspicion that the mistreatment and discrimination regarding the unvaccinated will only get worse.

“You think [vaccine passports are] just going to be [used for] movie theaters, restaurants, gyms? That’s the first step,” she warned. “They are going to take it all, they are going to take it all. And we have allowed it.”

“We can’t blame the government; we have to blame ourselves for covering our faces. If only we didn’t cover our faces, we wouldn’t be here today,” she added.

In her concluding statements, Ford mentioned that the measures will never end if compliance continues, telling her social media followers that “it’s not going to be two [doses] and done,” but rather “it’s going to be ‘boosters’ for life.”

In stark contrast, Krista Ford’s father, Ontario Premier Doug Ford, claimed that the vaccine “certificates” used in Ontario provide the “best chance” the province has in avoiding even more restrictive measures.

“I know this may be tough for some, but we owe it to our businesses to do everything we can to avoid lockdowns,” Ford tweeted.

In response, one user reminded the premier that it was his decision to lock down the province in the past, and not the citizens’.

“Not locking down avoids lockdowns, nothing else, not one, single, other thing,” read one reply.

“I won’t be supporting any business that wants to know my medical history. You owe the businesses not us,” stated another.