WASHINGTON, DC, January 26, 2005 ( – Laura Molla, daughter of St. Gianna Beretta Molla who was canonized by Pope John Paul II last year for her life of holiness and for sacrificing her own life for her unborn child, attended the March for Life in Washington this week.

Molla, sister of baby Gianna whose life was saved, spoke to attendees at the Rose Dinner following the march. She stated, “My mother is proud of you all and is watching and blessing us with her mother’s smile.” 

Molla said that her mother made “the sacrifice of her own life so that her child could live.” She explained, “In the end of the second month of her last pregnancy she developed a large fibroma . . . She refused an intervention” that could have resulted in the death of the child. Laura added, “A few days before delivery she said to my dad, ‘If you must choose between me and the baby, have no hesitation at all, I demand that you choose the baby. Save her.’ My sister Gianna was born April 21 1962. A week later mother died amidst unspeakable suffering. Her last words were ‘Jesus I love you.’” 

Laura concluded her talk with these noble words. “That was not an isolated act of heroism, it was the crowning of a whole life of sanctity as a physician, spouse and mother. 

A life, living the life of the Gospel imitating our Lord Jesus Christ and nourished daily with prayer, the Holy Mass and the sacraments. 

Fortified with such an elevated and noble example, which we beg the Lord to be made worthy of, my husband and I have come from Milan to participate today in this March for Life and testify to our conviction that human life is a gift of God that human love must protect from its conception till its natural end.” 

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