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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of The Van Maren Show, Jonathon speaks with Dr. Miriam Sciberras, leader of the Life Network Foundation Malta, about the outpouring of pro-life support as lawmakers debate a bill to legalize abortion, the domestic and foreign pressure to upend Malta’s culture of life, and why she thinks abortion is the foremost human rights issue of all time.

Since 2021 Maltese lawmakers have been debating a bill that would decriminalize abortion and, according to pro-life leaders, effectively legalize it for any reason until the moment of birth. George Vella, President of Malta, has previously stated he would rather resign than sign a pro-abortion law.

Many Maltese people and lawmakers, like President Vella, do not support the legalization of abortion. In fact, 20,000 people (4% of the population!) showed up in the capital of Valletta this past December to protest the proposed bill and show support for the unborn.

Despite this, Dr. Sciberras told Jonathon, domestic and foreign pressure to enact pro-abortion legislation remains as strong as ever. She called it a “David [and] Goliath situation.”

“We work in a nonpartisan manner, but I think the actual fact is that we are reflecting what there is at the moment, and the majority of the Maltese people still don’t want abortion,” she said. “And it’s very difficult. It hasn’t been easy for us. It’s a struggle. And consequently … most media side with the pro-abortion [view], and the pressures that we have even from Europe and on our members of parliament to push this forward.”

“So it’s not easy, but the pro-life coalition is determined,” she continued. “We believe that abortion is the biggest human rights issue of all times, and we see abortion as the biggest injustice to womankind.”

For more from Dr. Miriam Sciberras on the pro-life fight in Malta, listen to this week’s episode of The Van Maren Show below. Click here to visit the official website of Life Network Foundation Malta.

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