OTTAWA, April 5, 2002 ( – Stephen Harper, the new Leader of the Canadian Alliance Party, announced the members of his shadow cabinet yesterday. Notably, Harper’s opponents leadership opponents were given senior positions. Former leader Stockwell Day was appointed as the Senior Critic for Foreign Affairs and Dr. Grant Hill was made Deputy Leader.

Pro-lifers were saddened to learn that Jason Kenney, an MP with one of the most outstanding records on right-to-life issues is no longer Finance Critic and is without a portfolio. Information to date is that Kenney had requested this arrangement.

In related news, Harper has agreed to meet with Progressive Conservative Leader Joe Clark to discuss halting conservative vote splitting by running only one small-c conservative candidate in 301 ridings across the country.

See the full list newly assigned Alliance shadow cabinet posts and the coverage by the National Post:  4&department=24&readarticle=1