HANNIBAL, Missouri, February 3, 2012 ( – Criminals say that the most difficult part of a murder is what to do with the body. This was apparently true for an abortionist who operated a clandestine abortion facility from his home more than 60 years ago in the small town of Hannibal, Missouri.

Contractors recently hired to renovate the old home discovered in the basement the remains of two tiny babies floating in a preservative solution inside two dusty jars with screw-on lids.

“I know they did medical procedures and stuff,” said the property’s owner William C. Neff to “I was told that they helped a lot of ladies. That’s all I know.”

The contractors were examining the basement on Wednesday when they made the grisly discovery. The remains of the babies were found underneath an antiquated medical examining table in a ceramic container that was covered in rags.


Lisa Marks, curator for the Hannibal History Museum, confirmed to reporters that the century-old house was used as an illegal abortion clinic run by a doctor with the last name of Hopkins.

Neff told reporters that he remembers his parents telling him of many more jars that were similar to these that were down in the basement. He expressed surprise that there were still more jars that had not be discovered.

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Neff now knows why his parents rarely spoke about what was down in the basement.

“They didn’t want to talk about it too much, but they just found stuff down there that shouldn’t be there,” he said.

A local funeral home has donated a casket and a burial plot to honor the remains of the babies. The local police as well as the FBI have reportedly decided not to pursue the matter.

Watch YouTube clip of remains found in the basement. Caution: clip contains images of aborted babies.