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An An Lu in the

ZHEJIANG, China, February 10, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – The doctor pronounced little An An, a preemie only one month old, dead. His heart stopped, and he stopped breathing. The hospital issued An An's death certificate, and his father, Lu, wrapped him in his clothes and took him to the morgue.

The tiny newborn was stored for the night in the morgue's refrigerated cadaver compartment, which maintains temperatures as low as ten degrees Fahrenheit. His body was scheduled to be cremated the next morning.

But in the morning, funeral home workers were shocked to hear An An crying. One worker pulled An An out of the refrigerator and contacted An An's father.

The funeral home worker also canceled An An's cremation.

Little An An had spent 15 hours in the morgue's refrigerated storage unit. 

“Having been a pediatrician for over 20 years, I can't really understand how this miracle happened,” An An's pediatrician, Dr. Chen Shuanghua, said.

An An was delivered at only seven months' gestation on January 8 in Zhejiang, a coastal province in southeastern China. Doctors kept him in the hospital for specialized preemie care until Lu insisted on taking An An home for the Chinese new year.

But after only two days at home, An An's skin became discolored, and Lu hurried him back to the hospital. The baby's health rapidly deteriorated. With no heartbeat and with An An not breathing, the doctor pronounced him dead.

However, as they say, the baby wasn't finished yet.

Hospital workers call little An An a “miracle child.” He is now in an incubator and is expected to be kept under constant hospital care for three weeks.

Dr. Chen said that unfortunately, the odds of An An surviving are low.